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I'll put up a journal entry on how life is going so far, but right now I just want to rant...

So, most of you KH fans have seen the fourteenth member, Xion.

If you haven't, click here and here
Now, for those of you who know me and my name, you might have already gotten why I'm writing this, if not, keep reading!!

     Loooong time ago, being an extreme KH fan, me and my sister wanted to be 'Organization members' Yes I know....but it's harmless fandom. So I was member no. 15. NOT because I knew there was going to BE ANOTHER MEMBER, but because my sister wanted 14. So there I was. Making my name was MUCH EASIER than my sister's; less letters anyways...While she came up with "Aix-shca", I came up with "Xiasra" Both sounded nice, believable and unique. (because we were given names not easily found ^_~)

     Me, taking things to the extreme now and then, started drawing out how Xiasra (-Xia for short), would look like. I didn't want a corny 'Mary-Sue' appearance, so I didn't put extreme hair-color, or strange additions to the organization coat. No scars of some past keyblade war or even crazy Avatar abilities (XD) I never made up an original person ( I mean, before they turn to nobodies) because no one (exept Nomura himself) really knows much of the Organization's original selves anyways. I drew myself quite frequently when it came to comics and such, so I thought that if Xiasra was my nobody name, why not have her look like me? I gave her my current and favorite hairstyle - Short BLACK hair ....how do I explain this...!...Like Raven from Teen Titans, exept with normal bangs, yeah, that's it. Since purple was my favorite color, Xia has purple eyes, kinda like Yuffie. Her skin was fair, normal. Not too dark or too pale. Not much after that in appearance, I'd say she's somewhat short in stature, sort of like Roxas, and with the traditional coat, that's it.

     Abilities took me a bit longer to figure. After watching FMA a bit, I figired that Crystal would be a nice 'element' It could be different than ice, since it had no opposite. As a weapon, I had to think carefully. There were one too many keybladers, and I didn't want her to look special - just to blend in with the others. After going through it 50 times, I figured that double-swords that were detachable from the ends of the hilt would be cool. No one had swords, and Axel, Xigbar, and Roxas could dual-wield...That wasn't unique. SInce I had the special strategy guide, (and journal) I looked at all the weapons, and how each one looked like. Every one was layered in color, and were...pointy. XD Somewhere, they had that nobody insignia, so that was important. I drew the swords (I have that somewhere....) and I thought they looked close to something KH-ish. THe color of those were purple - much like Xaldin and Xigbar's, but with a touch of yellow. Simple, pointy, and with an insignia. The last thing I came up with was the title. The tites for the other XIII was more or less "The (adj)(noun)" Following that pattern, I gave her "The Lucid Paladin" They use lucid a lot, y'know, Lucid Shards, Gems, and CRYSTALS? Paladin means 'champion', If Lexaeus is "The Silent Hero", mine wasn't too far off...

     Overall, Xiasra looked pretty convincing. There wasn't any other girl except Larxene, but she was older and had blonde hair. Xiasra was diffent from her, but blended in. I wanted to draw her up and put her here, so that you could see her. Maybe some of you would have said, "Hey...not bad." Then KH 358/2 days announced a 14th character. I thought that was bad news for my sister, because SHE was the '14th', but then I saw it was a GIRL.....then I was worried. WHen they uncovered her face I went hysterical....much like the DA emote on the bottom. Nothing personal, but now with her here, XIASRA LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE A MARY-SUE! Copied short black hair, small girl......Name starting with 'X' I'm still not over it. All my careful planning and it blows up in my face! I hate collective unconciousness.....Well this isn't the first time....

     Anyways, I guess the whole point of this is to say that I'm STILL going to put up Xiasra pics and use her as my dev ID. I wanted you to read this and know that I made up Xia LONG BEFORE Xion came into existience, so I DID NOT COPY HER...she copied me (XD). I'll get over this someday, maybe play the game and realize she is a cool character and all, figure out her connection to everything and go "woooooooooow..."

-But for now, she gets on my nerves!

ABOVE ALL, she interacts with MY RIKU?!?? I'm glad he beats her in battle, but mind you (IN THE GAME ONLY!) he's supossedly 'single'. IF he goes around and develops a relationship with Xion, I'll truely be pissed!!!!!!!! THAT COULD HAVE BEEN ME!!!!! *rants some more*...

If you made it to the bottom of this page without scrolling down, wondering how long this would take, I thank you. :)

Heck, I thank you anyways....that's just another pageview for me.
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Hmm...maybe I am targeted...XD

Nomura and co. are so talented, they don't need to spy on saps like me....when it came to Sephy and Sessy-sama, I guess they made a compromise though....

I would have been angry if they had a "make the 14th Organization member" contest and Xia lost to Xion, but since they didn't The two of them can be cousins or something :P
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You know, that's really not fair. :no: They may indeed be spying on you, like Tiger said. ._.
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Yet again, eh? Sorry fishy but maybe they have a satalite pinpointed on you because you make such cool stuff. That would just creep me out.