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Still importing/finishing a few pieces here and there, but I would like to start opening up commissions!
Its a great way for me to get more practice in, and a great way to send that one otaku a picture you know they'll enjoy =)

Simply request what it is you would like done, and I'll work with you to make sure its just how you want!
My areas of expertise include characters (both human and anthro), animals and most mythological critters.
I can do fanart as well!
Basic commissions start as low as $7!

  • Send me a note describing to me in as much detail as you can (references, ect.) of what you want.
  • As soon as I get back to you (I check daily) I'll begin working on it right away.
  • I will contact you again with a preliminary sketch so I may have your feedback on it.
  • Depending on its complexity, I should have it done in about a week (depending on how many people have requests o.o)
  • When I am nearly finished, I shall send you another preview, to make sure you are completely satisfied.
  • Upon receiving payment, I will send you the high resolution image in whatever file extension you desire.


Portrait: $7

Full Body: $9

Colored Portrait: $10

Colored Full Body: $12

Some things to consider:

I do not draw the explicit, nor the violent. (not torn to pieces in a pool of blood, swords and ect. stuck right through them >.<)

The most a couple can do on request is to hug and kiss o.o No sex scenes

I also don't draw any Yaoi/Yuri

You may use these works anywhere, but you may not claim the work to be your own; just your oc, (if its not fanart)

I can do payments through paypal =)

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Oh no, you should at least (at least!!!) double your prices.  Too many artists sell themselves short, you shouldn't do the same.
This is really exciting, though! :la: I'm definitely going to commission you once I figure out what I want. :D
Oh!  One more thing.  You should mention up there how you want your payment.  Do you want it mailed to you or do you have paypal, etc?
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Well I'm hoping to attract some customers, plus its my first time doing this on here =o

I added the payment option on the last line ^^
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I understand, but don't hesitate to raise your prices if you feel the need to. :)