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Starcraft to Scale (old)



2015 edit: A revised version of this chart, with official, Blizzard-approved sizes that appeared in the StarCraft 2 Field Manual, can be found here.

Edit: Well, this is over a year old now. Here's a newer version with just the terran units, at a much more manageable filesize and with a few new faces, check it out. There are links in there to updated versions of the Zerg and Protoss charts as well!

(Basically) all of the units in Starcraft, to scale. As of Heart of the Swarm. The capital ships chart (including the Leviathan!) can be viewed here:…

Downloading the full size is a must! (Be warned, it's a 10MB image!)

There will be a complete Legacy of the Void overhaul, correcting inaccuracies and including a few more obscure units as well (cerebrates, drop pods, preservers, etc.), but, we'll all have to wait for Blizzard to finish the expansion first!
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shouldnt the immortal be bigger