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Starcraft Valkyrie 3D model

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I'm sad that my animation isn't out yet, so, just in the interest of uploading more content, here's the Valkyrie model from it. I hadn't uploaded the textured version before. But why look at an animated GIF of it when you could view the model in your own browser via Sketchfab! Check it out!

I've also replaced the Valkyrie drawing in my Starcraft To Scale chart with a high res render of this model, since it's far more accurate.
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MarKreationsHobbyist Filmographer
Is the model available for private use?
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HM1199Student Filmographer
which will win between a thor and a colossus lore wise ?
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I have no idea! Hah, sorry. I don't know how long the thor's armor holds up against the thermal lances, but I also don't know how long the colossus' shields can withstand all of the thor's weaponry.
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HM1199Student Filmographer
well mabe the colossus will win cuz the wiki says it has the range of 20miles
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That is definitely a long range, but another factor is that the colossus' weapons are line of sight, only shooting in a straight line. I could imagine thors being dropped behind cover firing in an arc to shell the colossus from safety. Of course the colossus is also super mobile, and could climb to higher ground. Colossus probably wins without lots of support.
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HM1199Student Filmographer
we should not forget that the colossus would cost like 69 times a thor 
btw do u know any site where to get some additional info about the carrier (exept for battle net ) 
i mean there is so detailed about BC's but not that much about carriers 
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Yeah, there just isn't any detailed carrier info out there. I'm hoping in Legacy of the Void we'll get some detailed descriptions of Protoss units. They showed the carrier's page in the field manual trailer but there wasn't anything new there either.
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HM1199Student Filmographer
they did not mention the carrier's super mega purification death lazer
bt do u mind havin a look at my sc stuff
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These are great! I really like the glowing bullet effects, and the overall colorscheme in the first one is really really nice. Keep em coming!
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Valkyrie just appears in only one cutscene, brood war Terran X-Terran.smk,a few seconds,
and a blizzard official V
alkyrie picture.
How did you make it ?Amazing!
But I think its wings are not like this.
looks like 3 cylinders.

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The wings and engines were changed between the cinematic model and the final model used for the in-game sprites. People have found files for sprites of an unfinished beta Valkyrie called the "Gunship" where you can see that the engines match the final sprite, but it still has the 3 cylinder wings from the cinematics. There were a few other small changes, but other than that the models are pretty much the same. Here's a comparison of the 3:


For my model I wanted the front to match the cinematic version, because people remember that promotional render of the front, but I wanted the rest of it to match the final sprite version because that's what people spent the most time looking at when they were playing the game.

Another reference is that same BW loading screen showing the wraith from the side. There are two Valkyries in that fleet, and you can see that they have solid wings instead of the wings held out by cylinders, so it seems like those are the side view of the final sprite model.


You can see a couple other changes between that one and the one in the UED victory cinematic. Like the landing gear boxes on the sides of the bottom of the model— in the cinematic they are there, but they don't stick down below the bottom hull. While in that side view, they do.

Then I also took lots of screenshots of the cinematics and zoomed way in on the sprites. I don't think any other fan-made model has included those two fins sticking down below the engines, but they're definitely there in the original, and once you know they're there you can pick them out in the sprites. Here's an album of most of my other references. I used an image of the 'gunship' sprite facing the side to roughly get the length of the different parts right, an image of the final sprite facing down to roughly get the width, and that loading screen to roughly get the height. It's not totally accurate, but it did turn out very well.

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WOW!I see.I just remember Valkyrie has a skill which makes it run faster in brood war beta,then  it was removed at last.
But I don't know there is an another model different from it in games to my surprise.
Maybe the Goliath is also like this:the model in 
cinematics is different from it in game at all.
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There were a few different Goliath models that I know about from Starcraft and Brood War. The earliest one, in the Starcraft alpha, looked like this. It had really skinny arm cannons, and actually used the chaingun between its legs. I think only the feet stayed exactly the same in the final model.


Here you can see it a little further along— the wireframe in the final version of Starcraft is actually a picture of this model, not the one used for the final sprites!


A cinematic model was also made by Brian Sousa (who appears as the goliath portrait in SC2). You can see it walking in the background of one single shot of "the Ambush" Protoss cinematic, and it was also used in a bunch of promotional renders.



But I think that then they redid the sprites using this cinematic model and abandoned the old one— you can see if you zoom in on the sprites that the legs match the cinematic one exactly, and only the final sprite and the cinematic model have the shields on the arm cannons (the old sprite and the wireframe don't).

Also I have this gif from a snippet of video of a couple of the cinematic models showing the walk cycle of the cinematic model and it looks similar to the sprite in motion too. (I wish I knew what the full video was, all I've seen is a few seconds of someone filming a computer monitor showing some of the models from the Ambush" cinematic behind the scenes.)


Then obviously in the Brood War cinematics there's another new version. The body and legs are the same as the SC1 model, but instead of arm cannons it has missile racks. And it has some United Earth Directorate decals. I'm not sure why they changed it.


Someone could definitely take all of these references and make a very accurate version! I might someday. Although I also like all the other Goliath redesigns.
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The differences between the original and BW renders is reflected in SC2. Spartan Company's Goliaths, consisting of UED remnants, only have missile pods and no arms. UED should definitely have been their own faction in BW similar to the Primal Zerg, but SC1 used a lot of placeholders for lore elements anyways.
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Oops, those first two links don't work. Here they are rehosted.

Oldest goliath version I know:


Slightly newer version featuring the wireframe that made it into the final game, even though it's not the final sprite model:

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47nessProfessional Digital Artist
Haha, love the nose art (it'd be absolutely massive, but leave it to the Terrans to put it on there anyway) :)

Never noticed the landing gear; that's a nice important detail to include~
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Perfect in every way.
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Hah, I can think of a few flaws, but thank you very much! Hopefully the rest of the scene will be up to this standard.
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GhostNova91Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow man this is great! The detail is insane.
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PhillGonzoProfessional Digital Artist
Well done!
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