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Oh yeah, I also have a dropship model. It could be dirtier, I still have all those rust/grime stock images from the wraith to use.

Making 3D models of the SCBW designs is kind of like a journey of rediscovery, rediscovering the original shapes. And in the end I have a model that is totally unique— no other Valkyrie out there looks like mine. On the other hand, anyone can make the same SCG dropship, and of course with SC2 there's tons of reference, so the only question is how detailed and faithful you want to go (mine doesn't have any moving flaps, for example, they're just textured on).

But it is a truly great design— and Blizzard obviously feels so too, since it's one of the only Starcraft looks that has survived pretty much unchanged for over a decade now (the other I can think of is Nova's ghost suit).
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Blizzard's design straight-up ripped off the Sulako's dropship from Aliens. Even some of the things the pilot says are references.

And oddly, I love the fact. It comes off as some sort of tribute, rather than laziness or a lack of imagination.