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My Bio
Studying biochemistry while sewing more than I should.

Favourite Visual Artist
Yuu Watase
Favourite Movies
Harry Potter, Spirited Away, Final Fantasy Advent Children, Studio Ghibli ones, LOTR, POTC, etc.
Favourite TV Shows
Family Guy, South Park, Glee.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
t.A.T.u., Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace
Favourite Books
Harry Potter, The Saga of Darren Shan, lots of other randoms...
Favourite Writers
J.K.Rowling, Darren Shan
Favourite Games
Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Spyro (1-3 only!), Crash Bandicoot
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation 2 or DS.
Tools of the Trade
Pen+paper, needle+thread, laptop, camera
Other Interests
Reading, writing, cosplaying, science
Sucked into the land of tumblr and now I have multiple blogs. I'm using the Xiaoqiaorocks url for cosplay only things: link. It's currently quite active as I have things in the works. And as well as posting my own progress I reblog other cool/awesome/othergoodadjective cosplays. So being at uni I've had to put a lot more planning into cosplay this time round which is great. Can't leave it til the last minute because Lancaster just doesn't have the resources for it unlike London. One of the positives is that I can order stuff all day long and the porters are there to receive it. >:D I'm not sure if I'll make it to expo on the Friday. The guy
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So, expo is just around the corner and for once I'll be travelling to it...from afar. I'm finally old and of uni age. For those interested I'm at Lancaster Uni now doing biochemistry with genetics. ^^ So it'll be a trek down on a train. I finally understand why everyone says it's so expensive to go to expo. XD As for who I'll be going as... err... Unsure. Haha. On Friday it'll be the usual 'who is easy?' Probably be Wonderland Ciel or Draco (again >.>). Then Sat and Sun are Sima Yi and Halloween Ciel. Because I am crap and didn't manage to finish Larxene before toodling off to uni. Most likely SY will be on Saturday. Because watching Eurocos
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It's not like I haven't been on dA, just not into the settings. o.O Hey look...I changed my avatar for the first time since I joined. D: Anyway~ Expo. :D I'll be going as Sima Yi from DW6 on Sat/Sun. I'm quite proud of how much I've managed to do in a month, but then again I always manage to do amazing things when I am avoiding revision for exams. Haha... I'll hit the books properly after expo. But yes, still have a chunk to do before SY is finished. As for Friday's costume...I'll probably bring Iceland out for a spin seeing as he hasn't been to an expo yet. And he'll be easy to move in when I go shopping on Friday. >:D *Twiddles thumbs*
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Hi! :wave: Thanks for the :+fav: - [link] :aww:
Hi ~Xiaoqiaorocks! :wave:

Thank you for watching
:iconnuriko-club: :aww:
Thank you so much for the watch:hug:
Okay wow, complete DERP on this side.. NOW I get where I recognized you from! WOOT! Your Sima Yi... ALL OF MY BABIES!
Haha, we both derped. XD At least we got to see each others costumes in the flesh. :D
Finally got on here to watch you. ^.^