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How To Paint A Face - Tutorial

By xiaomeimei
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Hey guys :waves: long time no post! I'm supposed to be doing an oil painting right now, but i'm slacking off ..:p
This is my first time making a tutorial -___- so suggestions are welcome..! Hope you guys find this helpful in some way.
Done in Photoshop 7
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THIS IS PERFECT OMG :happybounce: 
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This was really helpful, but for someone like me whose literally just beginning  to learn anything about digital art, it would be extremely helpful if you were more specific about what you were putting on which layers. I can't seem to find any tutorials that are specific about layers and I keep messing up u_u
But great tutorial otherwise c:
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so helpful thanks so much! I always use very dull color palettes :0
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Fabulous~! :love: Definitely trying it out.
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I used your tutorial here. I hope you like it. Thank you.
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Hyacinth, I share your confusion.
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i don't get it, where's the tutorial?
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Click on "download image"
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that is a brilliant tutorial! amazing job on the artwork, too!
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Very helpful thank you ^^
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Weeeeeeeeeee. i will try this sometime. I hope it'll be a success. >.<
but...i'll say. great tutorial ^^.
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You are not only a great painter. You are really funny in your tutorial!:) Make more of them in the same spirit
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Very nice and helpful. Thanks.
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um..am I the only one who can't see the tutorial??
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click download to view the tutorial. :D
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Excellent tutorial!
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Absolutely fantastic tutorial! I thank you very much! I'm not very good at 2D renderings so I'm going to put this to good use!
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Out of perspective a bit with eyes. But nice.
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This is soooo helpful. I was lost before...!
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been looking for a face painting tutorial like this forever. probably the best i've seen yet. thank you very much.
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