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Nine fox

By XiaoBotong
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I recently came back to play the hLeague of Legends, so I want to draw some of the heroes of the illustrations, but I use most often is the hero scarecrow, painting it should not feel anything, they still draw Nine fox, she should be the hero of the league's most welcomed role it ...

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Aww, she's cute!
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*-* Ahri.... Perfect!!
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Ahri ! :) If you ever want to play League of Legends with some people and you don't know who to play with, you can add me : BubblyBunki 
I play a lot of ARAMs and support in normals. I also do a lot of skype voice chatting during the games. Helps the team :)
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I love everything about this; the colors, background, and details. Absolutely incredible.
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Their called champions, and scarecrow is called fiddlesticks. Nice drawing but her face is just a bit western style for me. My rating is 9/10, however most people would rate 10/10
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this is awesome XD
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Hey !! very nice! :D 
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The lovely Ahri, beautiful work.
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<font><font>не та что хотела.</font></font>
Well done. My only complaint is her face. Bone structure is just a bit long, the eyes are not big enough and have the wrong eye color to look like Ahri. Her eyes are brown, not blue.

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and actually who cares if it's ahri ? seriously, ahri is just another gumiho, people doesn't have to fit exactly the riot's ahri concept, they can change whatever they wish to if they find it better....

all the fanarts of "ahri" aren't ahri anyway, since they just don't draw her as she is, if you look the face, almost nobody drew her face correctly (since she has an asian face so, more flat than european faces )
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actually they are yellow
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Welcome to the world of League of Legends. Your going to be with us for a while muahahah < 3
Also, beautiful ahri ^__^
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Yet another beautiful piece! Absolutely amazing I love her face so lovely and her eyes are mesmerizing! :heart: 
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Nice work. Was this digital or did you paint this on a canvas?
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YAAAAY The nine-tailed fox! Great fanart from a great game! I like it!
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this piece and the rest of your gallery is beautiful. i love your style and your color choice. keep it up ^^
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