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Hunting Season

illustration inspired by my favorite game from the 80s "Super Mario Bros" and inspired by Capcom latest game " Monster hunter".

Aug 27th 2011
This is the first poster i sold, and was sold out since last year now back by overwhelming demands. This may considered as Version 1.1 as i enhanced a couple of stuff :D

Check my facebook prints folder for more.
Email to to order now. :D</p>

If you are interested, join my facebook group([link]) for updates."

Thanks :D
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This is awesome.
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LOL this is hilarious!
Bast-Incarnation's avatar
lol I love this concept. The dino you chose Bowser to be is perfect. ^__^
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Not only do just have a pure love for Super Mario Bros and Monster Hunter, but I also love the authenticity of this style! Did you do some research beforehand? Nontheless, I love this~
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Plain awesome, that's what it is o-o
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This is pretty boss :D
ronnieraccoon's avatar
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Yesh! Just as awesome as the Zelda one!
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Wonderful job! It really fits in! :thumbsup:
Keep up the good work!
Hey there, I love your amazing art and I was wondering is at all possible to buy this piece printed on a t-shirt?
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truely amazing work...posibly one of my fav visions of mario...think u should have make his outfit more along the lines of the mario overalls and shirt but other then that great piece...and i love howu made yoshi a trex...never have thought of him as a t rext but i guess thats what he would be if he was real...amazing...fav for sure :D
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This is a great rendition of Mario.

Sūpā Mario Densetsu comes my mind for this illustration.
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love it! featuring it on [link]
Is there anyway I can have this in Wall Scroll form?
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Ah no, will be costly to do so and most peoples preferred in poster form.
Well, is there any chance I could get a version of the image with a smaller watermark or something? There's a website that makes wall scrolls out of pretty much any image, and I'd like it to look as authentically oriental as possible.

If not, that's alright. o:
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More than awesome :D
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If there was a Mario game that looked like this, I'd want to play it!
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Kewl pic dude.
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アッハー!!! XD Samurai-Facility-Management!Don’t flush your turtle!
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This is really awesome.
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Holy crap! This is amazing! I wonder, do you freehand your lines on paper, scan in, then color in Photoshop? Or did you use an art tablet and digitally draw this? Anyway it's great! My wife totally wants a print of this when the new version is complete :).
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