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Lemon Vista
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Mature Content
© 2005 - 2019 xiao4
this's them for my made a first~

thanx every body~

copyright 2005 Dec MAX Classic Studio

windowsblinds skin - Lemon Vista

styler skin - Media

*light Start
*glass effect
*lemon wallpaper
*vista windows and button

I very like,and hope every body like it~!~
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Comments (50)
Syngex's avatar
Good Job!
I love your skin...
Thank's for skin!
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atomlzh's avatar
how to use?
is this use for XP?
My Msn
My qq 247440383
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atomlzh's avatar
?? how to download?
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priteshpatel's avatar
Check This Out, This Is The Extracted Version Of The Diamond Skin In Windowblinds 6, But I Made It Work On Windowblinds 5 And I Modified It A Bit.
Need Comments!
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EvenDeathLies's avatar
EvenDeathLies|Student General Artist
nice job :) just one question... y is this under mature content?
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uchihaclansurvivor12's avatar
Probably because people are more likely to view it if there's a mature content filter.
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jaysnanavati's avatar
jaysnanavati| Interface Designer
really good work mate . I love the work you do I am also one big windows vista fan I am definetly watching your art please watch my art aswell thank you
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nakimushi's avatar
an eyecatcher indeed. but what really pisses me off are the typings in the top bar (lemon vista by xiao4 on deviant art....) This ruins the whole (really great) theme :(
The same critic to the wallpaper...
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DJAndy32's avatar
Wow, that's actually really nice.

Reminds me of Windows Media Player. :D
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HunStalky's avatar
Nice job mate! I :+fav: it! :)
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zy1999's avatar
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bak3donh1gh's avatar
looks great. only reason really im not going to use is because i dont like the start button, just a suggestion go with a vista 1 next time.
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kiyoshikaze's avatar
xiao4 你好!小生有个小小要求 =X
请问可以改掉window上面taskpanel 的禄色吗? 
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kiyoshikaze's avatar
最好变回在左边 + 米白色 =X
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Sukram's avatar

what do i have to do with the stylers bar folder or what it's called
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will-antirocks's avatar
is there any chance i can get a copy of the wall without the text i think it would look great


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GlossII's avatar
GlossII|Hobbyist Photographer
Nice, man
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tsims533's avatar
tsims533|Hobbyist General Artist
An astounding piece of work! I've been using this for some time now and it works great! Thanx for sharing. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
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ipholio's avatar
ipholio|Professional Interface Designer
Very smooth work, I've been using this for awhile now and it's awesome. I would love to see a Trillian Pro 3 skin for this, maybe even one for iTunes. Any chance of that?
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ArealWeirdO's avatar
ArealWeirdO| Digital Artist
It is a very nice style, but the annoying Wallpaper made me uninstall it again, I can't even change it. After every reboot I get that Wallpaper you put in again. Tried to change it within the File directory of WB, replaced it with another but no, after the restart I get a black screen.
I think you should leave the choice of Wallpaper to the user. Or at least create a nice wallpaper with a less big Logo.
So, great skin, crap wallpaper!! Sorry I am not using it.
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AkabBalam's avatar
hey where i an get that styler skin it looks great. thanks for any help
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belgarion's avatar
belgarion|Hobbyist Photographer
Great skin, love it. Only thing is that the borders on the text boxes is white/transparent. I'm sure that this has been pointed out already... but if you could fix and update it'd be hugely appreciated.

THANKS! Love your work
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