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Trolling Windows boot Screen for Windows7 Inverted

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By XianSo   |   Watch
Published: August 20, 2012
Trolling Windows boot screen for window 7

please download Window 7 Boot Updater first if you don't have it. link:[link]

Extract Trollin_windows_Black_Background.rar

use Trollin Windows folder for animation

(frames are in pieces 200x200bmp)

NOTE: for Black Back Ground

Window 7 Boot Updater is a BETA release use at your own risk.

Color INverted, Thanks to MYCO8721[link]
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Thanks dude..this is awesome..
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My SSD doesnt allow me to enjoy.. Boot is too fast.
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Beautifull boot screen: [link]
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How can I use this? I just see Images when I extract it... Imma noob. bout how?
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scroffyHobbyist Digital Artist
you need to select the folder
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how do you open it as it is not a bootscreen file?
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XianSoHobbyist Digital Artist
use as folder animation in Boot Updater
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XianSoHobbyist Digital Artist
nice.. :)
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real14everyoneStudent Artist
hahaha nice :D
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XianSoHobbyist Digital Artist
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thanks for the mention dude. u can take out the link to my page though its no bigdeal plus my profile page is empty its kinda embarrassing lmao. i cant really create anything except for gas and im not even fast enough to sign my name on it haha. alright take it easy. this thing's still awesome everytime i look at it. u should make him breakdance or sumthin. later
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XianSoHobbyist Digital Artist
Still will not be able to do that for a long time. Still freakin busy. :D. But breakdancing? That would be really fun..
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Windows trolls me even better if it's not booting at all :D
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XianSoHobbyist Digital Artist
yeah me too. hahaha
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Dude, awesome! Thank you so much!
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XianSoHobbyist Digital Artist
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aLxv1Hobbyist Digital Artist
Epic XD
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A-j-iProfessional Interface Designer
like this bro
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IrishTomboyHobbyist Digital Artist
so very awesome!!! :iconhurrhurrplz:
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XianSoHobbyist Digital Artist
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