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Eyes of the Zodiac

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Each eye represents a house of the zodiac, and the colours that represent that house.

1. Red - Aries
2. Green - Taurus
3. Yellow - Gemini
4. Brown - Cancer
5. Gold - Leo
6. Orange - Virgo
7. White - Libra
8. Black - Scorpio
9. Dark Blue - Sagittarius
10. Gray - Capricorn
11. Blue/Green - Aquarius
12. Purple/Violet - Pisces

Okay. So.
I'm not happy with it D=
But I'm going to put it up just to get some opinions.
The most fun I had with make up was probably Libra and Aquarius.
There are only two eyes that I had to photoshop for the make-up colour.
Since this took so little photoshopping, I'm keeping it in the photography category.
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Oh, yes, I'm a Sag!!! I have teal eyes! Weird! :) :) 
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I love this piece! How can I share with your info in my Pinterest account? I don't post an art, photography without giving proper credit! I don't see the P symbol. Do I need to join as member? No problem about the $50.00. Just asking. Thank you. Carol :)
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My eyes are not black,theyre green....
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Red Aries. ;)

...Even though my eyes are in fact green-greyish. (kinda olive, with some brown speckles, dark green edges and sometimes looking more grey than green) ^^
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Green Taurus here ;)
Eye really like this!
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I'm a proud Scorpio! Love the black eye so much. Reminds me of the Black Swan.
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i like the black one. nice.
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pisces here. 

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the cancer symbol is on the wrong side (the cancer symbol looks like a sleeping 69 www.google.ca/search?q=cancer+…)
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I'm cancer (boring brown eyes) 
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i'm Sagittarius :) ( GLITTER EYES!! ) 
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oh yeah, grey eyed Capri is my own dream 
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But... I'm a Taurus and don't have Green/Hazel eyes :o
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totally awesome...Sagittarius bound!
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Oh my god.... //Scorpio//
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