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Vacationing with the Monarchs

Alright, so, how to say this...

I LOVE the Venture Brothers.

Seriously, that show is brilliant. Every character is likable, nearly every joke hits home, and the writing is witty, engaging, and sometimes TEAR-ENDUCING. UGH. And, as is usually the case with me and mah shows, all of my favorite characters are middle-aged men. The Monarch in particular! I'd always wanted to cosplay him, but I just don't have the body type, facial structure, anything. Even back when MySpace was around, I kept a photo of him in my Cosplay To-Do list, just as a reminder of dreams that could never be. ;~;

...then I stopped giving a poop about stuff like that.

Colossalcon was coming up, and not only was it going to be held at an awesome waterpark resort, but I was finally going to meet my buddy Solo-dono! She's just as into Venture Brothers as I am, and I decided to just say SCREW IT and make the jump into a chicken-legged, tall, slender-faced villain with the voice of an angel who'd just been kicked where the sun don't shine.

I made a latex nose the same way I made my Simon prosthetic, used Worbla for the base of his beard and eyebrows (so that they could set flush to my face), purchased some bucked teeth, sewed me up a bathrobe in yellow and black and attached MIGHTY MONARCH EMBLEMS to fuzzy black slippers and DONE- a casual Monarch perfect for the resort! I don't have the figure for that skin-tight bodysuit (at least not a MAN'S figure in a skin-tight bodysuit), though if I can figure a solution out for that, I would love to cosplay a few of his outfits in the future.

BUT I DIGRESS. No, I'll never be the perfect Monarch (or even an ACCURATE Monarch) to go around terrorizing Ventures, but I really did have fun with this despite it's errors and I'm sure I'll talk myself into wearing it again. x3 ...once I can get some platform shoes.

Dr. Girlfriend cosplayed by :iconsolo-dono:
Photo by LJinto

Note: A big thank you to Miss Mallo Photography for fixing a bit of my blending work around the prosthetic in editing. I need to practice doing that SO MUCH MORE. I really flubbed it at Colossalcon. :C
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Omg I can do Dr. Girlfriend's voice perfectly..
SashaAlice's avatar
Omg its awesome!!!
xHee-Heex's avatar
xbbgx's avatar
Dr. Girlfriend looks like Katy Perry Lol :P
Sock-Monkey-Renegade's avatar
Okay, so. Question time. I'm about to venture (ha, oh God, I couldn't resist. I'll stop) into my own Monarch costume, and I was wondering with your hood how you got the shape outlining the face to stay that way. Is it wire, some sort of interfacing keeping its shape, spirit gum, voodoo...? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
xHee-Heex's avatar
Hey I worked HARD on figuring this out I'm not gonna tell you!!!

-nah but it's just spirit gum. c:
Sock-Monkey-Renegade's avatar
Aw, and I was really gunning for voodoo... Thank you oh so very much though!
MissMimiako's avatar
I squealed seeing this ♥ ! You two look so perfect, I love the wigs so much and gosh everything. ;A;
xHee-Heex's avatar
Thank you so much!!
AnyaPanda's avatar
Twinzik x IMT ... Could this get any more epic. :love:
You two look great, what an epic collab! :D
xHee-Heex's avatar
x3 Thanks so much!!
Yuuri-C's avatar
Oh my, this is too awesome!*o* Your prosthetics amazes me!
xHee-Heex's avatar
Yuuri-C's avatar
You're welcome:D
MaiSheriCostumes's avatar
As others have said, it's perfect. SO perfect!
xHee-Heex's avatar
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xHee-Heex's avatar
festes-girl's avatar
You make an excellent Monarch! I love those eyebrows. XD
xHee-Heex's avatar
Thanks so much!
TychoDorian's avatar
I would love love LOVE to have you do a tutorial on prosthetics...pretty please? :) Beautiful work. LOVE your expression!
xHee-Heex's avatar
Thank you! I learned everything I needed to know on Youtube, so I'd just be repeating the information that's already free to use out there! c:
TychoDorian's avatar
I'll have to do some digging! :) Amazing work, as always!
xHee-Heex's avatar
Well thanks again!
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