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Teen Titans Makeup and Wig Test


So :iconhopie-chan: and I got bored one night (again), and the result THIS time was some cartoony Beast Boy and moody Raven! c:

We really like how these turned out! The closet cosplay material list is as follows:

Raven materials: Faye Valentine wig, Marceline aquacolors, Markl cape, Zorin Blitz leotard

BB materials: Marty wig from the last Arda sale, Grinch aquacolors, Wario/Waluigi ear prosthetics (made by Hee-Hee), Zorin Blitz leotard


Check out our FB page for more photos!
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There arent any diference!
Animehreats's avatar
Someone just put on the awesomeness 
EmbracingTheAmazing's avatar
It's the real deal 
sel-sketches's avatar
I love this!!! I was wondering if the Raven wig came like that or did you cut it to that hairstyle? :D
Otaku3333's avatar
Wow!~ :iconwowplz: This makeup looks so amazing!~ 0_0 :iconblackheartplz: :icongreenheartplz:
LaRoseVie's avatar
I really love the paint job on BB!
I was wondering what technique you used to apply the paint. I'm doing Starfire and was wondering how to get good coverage. Also your face looks smooth, I feel like I should put concealer under my paint but idk. Any suggestions? 
donwhitt's avatar
One of the best make ups for teen titans that I've seen
ChibiNinja017's avatar
Best Beastboy I have ever seen......!
ChibiNinja017's avatar
Good job! They almost look like mannequins.....
comics4life's avatar
best. BB. cosplay. ever.
ninjamonkey508's avatar
you 2 need to be in a live action movie
KyraStrong's avatar
oh god that has to be the best BB cosplay ive ever seen!
NewEraOutlaw's avatar
Holy crap. That Beast Boy. THAT BEAST BOY.

It's like I'm watching the real deal!
SonicMila's avatar
awesome it looks like no test
King1cheetah's avatar
:o (Eek) Love Heart La la la la 
AllisonCupcake's avatar
Wow that looks great! I think you actually look like the actual charcters!
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Bravo! Raven's look is not easily pulled off, but you guys just went for it and came out with the two Titans that are polar opposites: Beast Boy and Raven. Also, might I suggest a handmade cloak instead of the the turtleneck? I'm not saying the turtleneck doesn't look nice, perfect color. But Raven has a thing where her cloak flows around her.
xHee-Heex's avatar
We're not actually cosplaying them- we just grabbed similar items that we had to go with the makeup test! Closet Cosplay! But thank you!
PastMisfortunes's avatar
Looks good. ^^ How did you cover up your eyebrows?
xHee-Heex's avatar
PastMisfortunes's avatar
You mean the concealer, glue, paint method? Have you experienced any problems with it? Sorry for the questions, I've just been trying to do this myself.
xHee-Heex's avatar
I use eyeshadows and cream-based makeups for the new brows. And by glue stick I mean I just-- cover my brows with gluestick! A few layers, when it's dry, cover in makeup and you're good to go. Takes practice but don't all things~
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Nailed it with Beast Boy
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