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Radical Edward Wig Commission

Here we have a wig of Ed from Cowboy Bebop, one of my favorites! It was difficult to try to find a middle-ground between accurate, natrual, and messy-- while still making it believable and NOT messy. I think I achieved what I wanted!

I'm really hoping the client will give me permission to photograph this one on a model, because a wighead /really/ doesn't do the volume justice!


The base was a Jareth from Arda Wigs in Cherry Red, which I would only suggest purchasing if you don't mind going in with a red sharpie to color the thick tan wefts with. Eesh!
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how much was the commission cause im looking for an ed wig but they dont look as good as your wig. please let me know how much this is
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I'm not taking wig commissions but thanks for asking!
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how much u charge?, and is it wig included or just stylize it?
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Like it says in my Journal and my signature and on my front page I'm not longer taking wig commissions, but thank you for the interest!
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I now know where to go for help with the wig when I cosplay Radial Edward in the future XD

This is amazing~!!!
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How much? I've seen a lot of ed wigs and this is one of the best
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I'm afraid I don't take commissions anymore, but thanks! :3
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how long would it take for you to make a new one? and how much would it cost? because I'm going as Ed to kumoricon this year and would love to have you style a wig for me :D
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Hi! I don't actually do wig commissions anymore, but thanks for the interest! :3
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What did you use to style it? Because I've been wanting to style mine but havn't been sure of what exactly to use.
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I just use Aquanet, the cheapo hairspray you can get at the drugstore for a dollar. :3
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can i steal it?? O.o
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The weft threads you mean? At the base of the wig? Did they show a lot for you no matter what, then?

I can look into seeing what I can do about that.
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Yeah, not just the thread itself, but the fabric portion that the thread is sewn through, too. It could have been a defect, but there was a severe bald spot on the very top of the wig where two wefts were sewn flat-ways facing away from each other. So I had to do a lot of hand-coloring and heat training to get that spot covered up as best I could.

I also styled a Hiei wig with a Black Jareth that had the same difficulty with holes on top, but since the wefts were also black, it was much easier to hide things.

But yeah, after doing all that they're only really noticeable if you're up close, so that's good!
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Hmmm. The absolute crown? I'll check out some of the other ones and see if they're like that as well. If so, I'll be sure to address it. Thank you!
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Yay for crazy Ed hair! XD Looks spifftastic. =D
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Homigosh it looks REALLY GREAT. You did an awesome job making it look as natural as possible while still making it look totally spunkyawesoooome. 83
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