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photo by CrunchyRamen!

Costume info can be found here [link]
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"I won't miss your tentacles."  It does make me wonder, with such a role and game changing secrets to reveal, whether she'll be returning for Otherlands.
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Featured in the Feature "Side"bar of my journal. [link] :)
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Oh awesome! Thank you!
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this is amazing! its so impressive to see your red queen cosplay.
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AMAZING!!! And that hands... GREAT!!
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Creepy and amazing!
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Fucking awesome :D
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Great recreation! very accurate
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I still never get over how amazing this is ^^ You girls are so talented!
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It's perfect! *__*
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Waaa!the best Red Quin i have ever seen :iconloveloveplz: Really beautiful and scarry) Love it *З*
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I don't think I need to tell you how awesome this costume looks, but looks absolutely flawless! So much awesomeness!
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asfjkbdfsd i still cannot believe this awesomeness
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How did you make your gueenie hands???
Please reply!!!!(I need to make a red queen cosplay and have NO idea how to make them D:
This looks amazing!! <3
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You'd know if you read her description~ That's what it's for. :P
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Shit, it's the queen of harts! :sprint:
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