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Cosplay Fearless

I've been very fortunate in receiving several kind and humbling messages from fellow cosplayers recently, and they've given me a lot to think about in terms of encouragement and confidence in this crazy hobby.

Within the last year or so, I've been working a lot on "transformation"; changing myself with body language, makeup, and prosthetic work to fit characters that look nothing like how I normally do. I'll usually run into at least one person who doesn't recognize me at a con, which is so much fun!, and it's even gone all the way to Reddit arguments as to whether or not I'm a girl or man! Many of the messages I've been receiving and answering have talked about how my ability (which is honestly mediocre at best) to change how I look for cosplay has encouraged and inspired them to attempt characters they feel don't suit them physically, and I can't even BEGIN to tell you how awesome and exciting it is to hear that!!

The hobby has always tried to share the positive message of, "Cosplay who YOU want!", but unfortunately, it's also fairly common for those same people who follow that advise to be chastised for it. And why? For trivial things; because they don't fit a certain trait, characteristic, or stature. And that can be INCREDIBLY deflating for a cosplayer, and in the end it makes many people shy away from their favorite characters that they'd love to cosplay, but feel as though they can't-- without first putting on a bullet-proof vest. It's sad, it's unfair, and it's the complete opposite of what this hobby and its community should be doing.

To me, cosplay is about representing characters that mean something to me. It's about finding a way to share those reasons, those influences, and those experiences with other people so that they'll love him or her, too. It's about making people laugh, about bringing back nostalgia, and about trying my best to learn new techniques, tell stories, and set a positive example.

Outside of cosplay, I'm incredibly shy. I have severe anxiety and I don't do much outside the house. But when I go to conventions, I feel freed and enthusiastic! I don't mind making a fool out of myself to make someone smile, and I'm able to combat my panic attacks and health problems with much more efficiency. And the thing is, I can't explain to you why. I'm not a different person when I cosplay, I'm just more comfortable person. When I first started cosplaying (and several years into it, in fact) I used to be terrified of negative comments. They'd strike me deep and my brain wouldn't let them go. But I've learned to set that aside and focus on what's in MY control, and that's doing my best. I've never created anything that I thought to be perfect, but I'm always satisfied with what I was able to accomplish, even if unfinished or flawed. So what I don't have a pointy nose... I'll just make one! So what if I look too young... there's makeup! It doesn't matter anymore if I'm too short or too wide or too pale or the wrong gender, ethnicity, or species! I try my hardest. I "make it work". I take joy in becoming something that I'm not. That's what cosplay means to me. It's different for everyone; some love the contests, the photos, the designs, the craftsmanship, the roleplaying. But, for me, its about paying homage to an arrogant drunk with good intentions, an uncool dweeb, a sympathetic old man, a confident woman, a zany villain, a terrified child who's forced to save the world, and someone that, for whatever reason, I love. And it's something that YOU can do, too!

You CAN do it. There's no trick or secret! It just takes time, practice, and drive. But trust me, if a lazy gal like me can do it, then so can you!! I still feel insecure when I'm criticized, and I still even feel embarrassed sometimes by posing as some of my zanier characters, but I wouldn't change a thing! And if there's anything that I hope I can share and encourage others to do, it'd be this--

Don't be afraid of mistakes.
Don't be afraid of ridicule.
Don't be afraid of being ridiculous.
Don't be afraid of humor.
Don't be afraid of being ugly.
Cosplay who you love, and who you want.

And be fearless. <3

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Your transformative powers are quite inspiring, I'd say. I'm just starting to costume (though I've worn stuff made by others) and I've already got an overly long list of people I look nothing like (including those of the male persuasion). If you have any fast tips.... or even long, slow ones--!

Also: wooo, another Zorin. It took me hours to rub all the tattoos off my arm after that. More power to you~
xHee-Heex's avatar
Thank you! 💛
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Who are were cosplaying the second from right-top? Tai from Digimon? *A*
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I knew it! That's awesome for the wig! ;w;
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It's funny, every time you and your sister come up in a conversation, it's always about how you girls are so lucky to be so gorgeous and talented and how you got the look to cosplay anything. I'm always amazed how you guys always push it to the next level, it's to wonder how you pull it off every single time! It's so nice to know how you fight your anxiety and panic attacks with this passion. I myself suffer of those and it's encouraging to see the people i admire also having their own struggles and how they manage to face them is truly amazing to me. 
Keep up being so amazing and fabulous, we need more cosplayers/people like you. If i manage to continue cosplaying, it will it thanks to you.
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The cosplay I know of here is the Monarch Butterfly. 

I HAVE to unlurk from here to add my own (somewhat un-informed and possbily therefore irrelevant) 2cents worth. I recently found by chance yours, and Hopies gallerys. Which have given me my first real insight into cosplaying, how much fun it can be and just how brilliant the characters can look with some effort. I'm not particularly arty or creative myself, so cosplaying is out for me.... but, to a layman, the stuff you do is absolutely incredible.
Sorry for the essay, your very open post set something off and i just had to write this.
PLEASE keep doing what you are doing, and so kindly sharing it with us.

Warmest regards,


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you are like jhonny deep,you know it? o_o
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Lady you got some AWESOME SKILLS! your pis were the first to catch my eye, then I was blown away with more that saw. Then I read up on you and i have to say its an honor to see such talent.  I understand so much of what you said. i have been a stilt walker for many years, doing shows everywhere. Designing costume, shows, or just being silly because i can. I am at my best on stilts and in costume. I think what you do is awesome and I hope to someday see it in person. Keep up the Great work and "Never be told you can't do something". So Awesome.
xHee-Heex's avatar
Thank you so much!
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Wow GREAT!!! =))))
Can You please tell me how did you make the beard? And does it one-off beard or You can use it again?
*I`m sorry for my ENG
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All these cosplays look just so wonderful and your description really makes me want to get into cosplaying hehe. You're very inspirational :"D
xHee-Heex's avatar
You definitely should if its something you have an interest in! :D
Chyna-Angel-Girl's avatar
Hehe, I will try it out :D
Lotusdatasept's avatar
you're excellent <3 just saying
xHee-Heex's avatar
<33 Waah, thank you!
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You are so inspiring! <3 
xHee-Heex's avatar
Wah! Thank you so much! :D
brunetteyes's avatar
I should be thanking you! :D 

I cosplayed Christie Monteiro from Tekken last year and I'm not nearly as tall as she is. 
I got a few negative comments about it and I got a little upset, but the number of friends that complimented me and supported me completely outnumbered the bad. 

I'm super proud of my cosplay of her now and the costume turned out exactly how I wanted it to after all the work I put into it. I won Best Solo Novice at the Cosplay Contest and I couldn't be happier about it now. :D 

/end of side story =P 
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I've been noticing all your crazy cosplays lately! I really do admire you for it because it's always so fun to see you portraying these characters and always brings out a smile on bad days~ I really do think cosplay is such a lovely hobby for the same reasons as you said. I used to be terribly shy before the hobby(still am, but no where near as bad), but when I began cosplaying characters with an attitude, I found myself with their confidence and am the most talkative person ever. It's helped a lot with me being more open in regular life.
Not only in personality but in coping with my own health issues. I've been also contemplating on not cosplaying for a bit until I get my body issues in order since I can't get back into the shape I loved before all the crazy biz started happening. I'm still nowhere near the weight I was, but I've come to the decision that I'll get to where I want with time after I fully understand my body's new rules, in the meantime that doesn't mean to stop doing what I love because my shape changed. Just gotta make the shape work ;)

Seeing you cosplay all these outrageous peeps is definitely inspiring to me. I love what you do, what you stand for, and this message. You're a beautiful person! I've told so many these same things and still so many people need to hear these things. Cosplay is about what you want to do! It's a hobby, so have fun with it! 
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Everything you've said is so inspiring!

I feel like I can relate to alot of what you've said - Outside of cosplay I am shy, I can be filled with anxiety due to various reasons, I'm an introvert. Yes, if you're a close friend/relative of mine you can see my playful hyperactive side. But anyone else... My next door neighbor didn't even know I lived here until I walked outside yesterday after gardening and I ran into her. haha. But in cosplay everything changes. I can be more expressive and, just as you said, I'm over all just more comfortable. I love laughter and smiles, and when I'm in cosplay I can give people that joy that makes them smile and laugh.
You've pretty much just said everything I've been struggling to put into words, and I'm just so, so inspired by what you've written.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experience!! <3
I've always been a fan of your cosplay, but after reading this my admiration has grown so much. x')

Keep up the great work, I'm rooting for you!
Tiburonsama's avatar
I am falling in love with you. Well said and awesome cosplays!!
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