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Because I love her.



Okay, before the eager-fingered DA nitpickers get aaall on me for this picture, I knooow my glove is rolled up on the wrist. I gat eyes, I can see that. But Iont even care! I love this photo so so much! It shows the different shades in the facepaint and my eyes are POPPIN BLUE. So get outta here, Iont want none'a yo' sass. Ya butts. <3

EDIT: Oh my glob you guys are RELENTLESS! I have already written up a bunch of costume information (which includes the story of where my Science Parasite is), and to save me time, and so you don't waste your own by pointing out the obvious, I shall provide a link to it! FOLLOW AND BE ENLIGHTENED! 'eeere ya go. c: [link]

photo by Ger Tysk [link]
Simon made and worn by me

My DA Adventure Time gallery: [link]

More photos, including progress, found on our Facebook page! [link]

**WE ALSO GOT A TUMBLR!** [link]


NOTE: A lot of folks had asked, but I'll just be honest and say that I probably won't ever get to writing a how-to on the different parts of this costume. I tell myself time and time again with different projects that I will, but I never do. But I may make a Youtube Tutorial list some day, as I learned pretty much everything I needed to via the work of great teachers on the interwebs. c:

For now, though, you can look at this compilation of progress photos: [link]
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This is so awesome ;;w;;