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About Deviant Artist Mason Christophor Dion JacobsMale/United States Group :icontarot-lovers: Tarot-Lovers
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The Reaper's Sonnet
Good Day, good day now, I am the reaper,
And I've come to take you back to your home.
But for this particular adventure,
You will have to come yourself, all alone.
I am sorry but your time is forfeit,
With it I hope you've been goodly.
Yet it is done, put down ye your goblet,
It is of no use to be so broody.
Your years, they have wound away so quickly
The sand in my glass knows it to be so
'T may seem untimely; you aren't e'en sickly
But the clock tocked its last for you: now go.
Don't feel remorse for your loved ones up top
They'll join you soon, with the sound of a Chop.
:iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 2 0
Umbralla Tilesi 1098x691 by xhbimadhatter13 Umbralla Tilesi 1098x691 :iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 1 0 Windows 9 1098x691 by xhbimadhatter13 Windows 9 1098x691 :iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 0 0 Icefall Canyon 1098x691 by xhbimadhatter13 Icefall Canyon 1098x691 :iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 1 0 Fiery Hall Of Hades1098x691 by xhbimadhatter13 Fiery Hall Of Hades1098x691 :iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 2 1 Penta by xhbimadhatter13 Penta :iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 1 0
Run with your music
Run with your music, for its fire never dies.
in its light, you can run forever, and not waste a breath
run with your music, children, Let it sing to you in the night
Run down the path of its living light
Let its waters embrace you
its spark never dies
Currunt cum cantu enim non extinguitur. ignis
in perpetuo liceat non animam lumine perdere
currunt cum musicam nocte cantet tibi liberis
decurro viam eius lumen vivere
sit illius aquas te amplexábitur
ejus scintilla non moritur
:iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 1 5
The Self Procedure: Test One.
The Self Procedure: Test One.
Mason Jacobs
Throw yourself into the ocean.
                                                                                 I Can’t
Do it.
Make yourself one upon many
Who use it.
Throw yourself into the water,
And pretend
That you aren’t drowning,
Stay afloat
And if you sink,
:iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 2 5
They are crying because they are hungry by xhbimadhatter13 They are crying because they are hungry :iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 2 3
Forever And A DayMason Jacobs
Forever And A Day
Mason Jacobs
"Look out the Window" she said,
He replied, "Why? It is Dark and cold"
"Just look out the window, Turn your head
If you would be so bold."
So he turned and looked,
There was nothing to see
But she held him tight and watched
As the land became the sea.
"Now, my darling" so she spoke
"This is now our world."
He thought himself, "is this a joke?"
Yet believed every word.
And so into the sky they sailed
From their brand new Bay,
And knew their hearts would never pale,
Forever And A Day.
:iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 2 2
The Dunes
The Dunes
Mason Jacobs
And as the light moves,
The Dunes fill with little shadows,
Until they are lakes Brimming over
With Dust.
And the dust mirrors the hearts,
Until they are filled with oily night,
Negating their own existence
In Black.
The ocean moves slowly
Across the waves of sand
Until their ripples cover
The World.
To reach the apex of mist,
That is merely the dirt of the earth,
What rises is no more special
Than You.
:iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 4 0
Keys 2
Mason Jacobs
Which Door fits this key
You have been given?
Well tie it to a string
And see where it's driven.
One of these paths must lead out,
One simply must.
Throw your key about,
For one of them Must.
Sails into the mist,
The little key that is your life,
The way out of this cursed,
The edge you are on is Knifed,
The key locks home, and however tall,
The line you held your soul on is cut, and you fall.
Down into the drift of night.
:iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 1 0
Keys-Musical Style
Mason Jacobs
Stand on the edge of the door-sill and Throw your Key on a string,
While the Triads titter quietly in the background.
Diminish your efforts, lest you tire of the piece too young.
The seconds Cry quietly in the foreground.
Silently totter on the string, leave your note to those who come later,
The oh-so-perfect ones rarely cross your mind.
Augment the Heroes, their view isn't as pretty as it may appear,
The Dissonance weeps sweetly in your eye.
Each door you try yields things unexpected, to which a pattern is not found.
It is a lonely road these wood blocks reveal,
A single faltering melody, afraid to be heard by less perfect ears than the ground.
So throw your key at the wind, and see what you reel in.
:iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 1 0
Carve Your Name
I carved
               Your Name
in the
                     of a
So We Could
                          See it
But after I did
:iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 3 4
Are You Ok Slendy? by xhbimadhatter13 Are You Ok Slendy? :iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 4 3
A Sensation Of Fate Has Crept Upon Me!
Let Us Stride Into The Face Of It Together As One!
Or not.
:iconxhbimadhatter13:xhbimadhatter13 2 1


Lulubelle-fashion statement by RogueInk
Mature content
Lulubelle-fashion statement :iconrogueink:RogueInk 15 9
UnderTaker Song
The shadow of the Undertaker
creeps across your floor.
Go lock up all your children
And paint blood upon your door.
These hills are filled with whispers
Of a man all dressed in black
And the toll of death's kneel, He climbs from hell
To drag some poor soul back
That ol' bible speaks of angels
Doing service unto the lord
The Undertaker knows no master
He drinks from any cup poured.
Just as Banshees wail their warning
That someone that same day will die
The Undertaker states the same and
I'll be goddamned if he tells a lie
Some falsely say whippoorwills are the harbingers of death
It's the Undertaker's murder of crows that'll seize your living breath
You'll see him riding into town all dressed up like a tomb
When you see him that eve on the outbound street, you know some poor soul met their doom
The Undertaker raises no hand,
But I'll fear him, just the same…
His presence pre-tells both blood and death,
Yet he shoulders
Not the blame.
Like the shadow of the vulture
Circlin' blackly
:iconsaekogami:SaekoGami 26 32
Predator by LongshipArmoury Predator :iconlongshiparmoury:LongshipArmoury 497 41 Anima: Jerome by Wen-M Anima: Jerome :iconwen-m:Wen-M 2,649 162 Anima: Scythes set 1 by Wen-M Anima: Scythes set 1 :iconwen-m:Wen-M 7,893 872 GLaDOS cosplay Portal 2 - GLaDOS Dead by Tenori-Tiger GLaDOS cosplay Portal 2 - GLaDOS Dead :icontenori-tiger:Tenori-Tiger 558 20 Wheatley and GLaDOS cosplay Portal 2 by Tenori-Tiger Wheatley and GLaDOS cosplay Portal 2 :icontenori-tiger:Tenori-Tiger 707 33 GLaDOS cosplay potato Portal 2 by Tenori-Tiger GLaDOS cosplay potato Portal 2 :icontenori-tiger:Tenori-Tiger 773 44 Wheatley and GLaDOS cosplay Portal 2 by Tenori-Tiger Wheatley and GLaDOS cosplay Portal 2 :icontenori-tiger:Tenori-Tiger 574 46 Portal 2 Cosplay by Tenori-Tiger Portal 2 Cosplay :icontenori-tiger:Tenori-Tiger 479 17
Broken Wings
Pulled from the sky
Once beautiful wings turn to dust
And what was so enticing
Is broken before it’s ours
And the angel lays weeping
For the loss of freedom
For the lack of faith
For everything that was
And now isn’t
In the wake of one man’s haste
The blue turns dark and cloudy
The pain can now escape
Our Earth begins to tremble
and Angel tears wash us in hate
Dimples on the ground
Where great beings stood
Tears that burned, and stained our world
For what we thought was understood
Harsh and rough
Our beautiful world of ash and stone
Come to us now
One’s we love
For we know we aren’t alone
Come down
Ones from above
Save us from ourselves
Let us feel your pearly wings
And teach us all the mystery
Of our own broken wings
The fear of something greater
Leaves us broken and unsure
The angel that came to save us
Died in pain along our shore
:iconfallingangel22:FallingAngel22 1 2
She always fell for boys who needed saving.
She always fell for boys who needed saving.
Giving them kisses in the dark
to numb their headache from
drinking too much and yet
not enough to kill lust.
She was always adored by boys, who,
if given the chance, would rebuild
the world for her.
But she wanted to be the heroine
and refused to see
she needed saving, too.
:iconsasunaru16:sasunaru16 1,356 528
Pain and Hate by Skia Pain and Hate :iconskia:Skia 7,697 262 GlaDOS cosplay Portal 2 by onkami GlaDOS cosplay Portal 2 :icononkami:onkami 5,224 328 Mystic companion by bib993 Mystic companion :iconbib993:bib993 4,064 793
There are Things Beneath the Garden
There Are Things Beneath the Garden:
There are things beneath the garden,
Which you really shouldn't see.
There are things beneath the garden,
That don't belong to me.
There are things beneath the garden,
Gone rotten blue and black.
There are things beneath the garden,
In a dripping gunny sack...
There are flowers in the garden,
Which you really shouldn't pull.
There are flowers in the garden,
That sit on top of wool.
There are flowers in the garden,
With a really rotten scent.
There are flowers in the garden,
Above bodies burnt and bent...
I love this little garden,
It's a special place to me.
I love this little garden,
It's where I want to be.
I love this little garden,
Now wouldn't you like to see?
I love this little garden;
And you'll be number three...
-Chen Yuan Wen, 26th October 2012
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 832 262



Mason Christophor Dion Jacobs
United States
  • Listening to: some stuff
  • Reading: not much
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: guitar
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
welp.. i just took a psychological test for depression. scoring works like so: 
0-9 none, 
10-17 mild, 
18-21 borderline, 
22-35 mild/moderate, 
36-53 moderate/severe, 
54+ severe Depression.

umm.... i scored a 67.. that's cool.. shit. 
the comment was, "this is in no way a diagnosis, but you should seek help Immediately." cool.

on a side note though, i wrote a song last night/this morning. your should listen to it.


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I want you to know how sorry I am, for being such a bitch and for making something about me when I should have just shut my mouth and stayed in my place. I should have just stepped back, but I was an idiot and stepped in. I want you to know I'm here for you. I know there's nothing I can do to fix anything, but the least I can do is listen and be here for you. You're like my family and I can't lose you or watch you beat yourself up. Please respond to me. I'm so sorry.
xhbimadhatter13 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012
its alright avi
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I hope everything is going to be okay for you.
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I'm glad you can see me!I watch you.
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