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EDIT - i wanna direct people to a cool webpage… its a place dedicated to artrage users on DA created by :iconflynn-the-cat:
Artrage is an awesome piece of kit and this dedication to it is well deserved.
Thanx to :iconflynn-the-cat: for adding me to the list and thanx to :icongzairborne: for suggesting me to be included.


ite people...first and :iconshrugg: went to the hospital today for another scan/checkup....glad to say that everything's going well with the baby....there's no signs of a premature birth which is obviously good news to us....XD....
also we found out we're having a soon we'll have one of each....sw33t...XD...

next...ive gotta say ch33r5 to :iconsarpsozdinler: for lettin me colour his works....i love the guys awesome ink/pencil work and ive had a blast colouring the 4 ive coloured so far....XD...check out his ...

and now....features....
heres some killer work...XD....

squig by shrugg Clan Grotesque by Sinjordan :thumb100105859: :thumb91356040: Origins by Ghost-Dreamer Bumblebee by woxy Checkpoint by nelson808 :thumb96450850: No Contest by StugMeister nightwalker by gzairborne Ninja Frog by HaywireVisions Hellboy by Nether83 ..::Speed Painting 12::.. by NightmareGK13 Divine Entity by sauronthedark Venom by mikeyglover Steve Rogers, Captain America by StevenVnDoom

as always...if you dont want your work featured let me know and ill remove it...XD....



my webpage
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Sorry once again for the late reply, I'm running a bit behind on my comments (about 5 months :D)

Thanks again for including me in this wonderful feature, I love exploring new artists :highfive:
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that is pretty cool and flynn is awesome:highfive:
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Damn me, you get >everywhere.

damn right I'm awesome.
*runs away cackling*
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hes been a good friend for ages, cya flynn
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thank you for featuring me! X3 <33
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youre welcome..XD...
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Great news on the baby front! One of each is only fair.

I read that your struggling for a name as you don't like most boys names. Whatever you do don't call him Sue! I know a song about that. :D

Thanks for the feature and fave .
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ch33r5 d00d3...

well were surely not gonna call him sue....who sang that song?....I know the one about Joe who became Joesephine but that was due to surgery...XD....

your welcome buddy...XD...
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Hehe Johnny Cash 'Boy named Sue' worth a listen for a laugh at the lyrics.
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Johnny Cash was cool....
ill look it up one day...ch33r5 for the tip d00d3...
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Oh wonderfull, thanks for da feature:hug: :dance:
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your welcome...XD...
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thats great news everything is ok and great features my friend and i thank you very much for including my work
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ch33r5 d00d3...XD...
your welcome buddy....XD...
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Whoa , boy , huh? It's superb. I just noticed you're going to have a baby. I'm so happy for you.
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ch33r5 d00d3...XD...
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Glad things are going well with the baby,
and thanx for the feature.
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ch33r5 buddy...XD...
youre welcome...XD...
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Thank you very much for the feature and congratulations on your baby!
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youre welcome...XD...
and thankyou very much..XD...
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hey thanks a lot for featuring my speedpaint ;)

oh and congrats glad to know everything's fine so far with the baby :D

have you thought of a name yet?
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youre welcome d00d3....

cheer5 buddy...XD...

we had names for a girl but none for a boy...were havin a hard time choosin...mainly coz i dont like most boys names X(....
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aw that sucks :\ im sure you'll think of something sometimes you just figure out when he's born and you look into his eyes (ok no im not talking by experience here)
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