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Fanart of my favorite character from my favorite cartoon.
artrage, painter and paint shop pro.
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Oh HELL yeah ! That takes me way the hell back!
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wish they still made em like they used too....
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i got series.1 vol.1 for my birthday on dvd and im hoping for the next vol. for xmas so...ahh,the 80's, revisited in 00's. in some ways, better then when i was young...
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Awwww love thundercats
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i got volume 1 on dvd for my birthday. it is so wicked. even better now i'm older. can't wait to get volume 2.
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wai, natskashii...(I dunno the english translation, but it kinda means a good feeling of nostalgia) I remember watch these reapeats of Thundercat when I was very little kid XD. I saw at my Aunts in Canada x3
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i love this cartoon. i bought it recently on dvd. it's wicked.
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You Win the Internet. X3 *favs!*
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thanku very much.
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OMG I used to love that show :D
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yup. it was wicked. i got series 1-part1 for my birthday and it's still just as good as when i was younger.
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This looks great, I really like the colors you choose. Thanks for linking me to it!!!!
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no worries. glad you like it.
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