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Polar Rider

Artrage....Paint Shop Pro for edits...
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If I had to punch a baby to get this print I would... I love this, what was the inspiration to add tusks may I ask?
xchainlinkx's avatar
arctic bear cavalry! awesome!
EMC86's avatar
great job!! =D
frenchfox's avatar
xHaStex's avatar
thankyou kindly sir....XD....
wiebestavast's avatar
:)Thanks, :D don't sir me, it's Wiebe!
xHaStex's avatar
i do tend to sir i apologize if i forget and end up doing it again in the future...XD...
wiebestavast's avatar
:D Funny, makes me feel so old if you sir me..
mushir's avatar
I love this one. The colors of the background are amazing and just your style is so cool. I really like the sense of adventure I get from this picture. And you really have to Full View it to see all the details. Great job man! :+fav:
xHaStex's avatar
thankyou very much...
i really appreciate your kind words...XD...
FerretJAcK's avatar
Very awesome characters. I love the bear the most and how he is just letting lose.
xHaStex's avatar
i greatly appreciate your kind words...XD...
FerretJAcK's avatar
You are very welcome!
Scyrens's avatar
Seems like you like the smudge tool lol
xHaStex's avatar
artrage's pallet knife is the don...
it is definitely one of my fave tools...XD...
Kerokerorira's avatar
good work...
really nice concept..i just love it

"just wanna be myself"
sauronthedark's avatar
Good stuff indeed.
ValerieJB's avatar
xhastex, this is beautiful. I love the sense of adventure, your color palette, and as always, your loose, painterly style. :)
Sinjordan's avatar
Dude, you have natural talent for art. Your skills are just getting better and better.
The perspective is spot on. The bear and rider are awesome, and it takes me back to when I used to watch the ol' Clash of the Titans, and Sinbad etc with my late Gramps, y'know with the big monsters and stuff.
CSnyder's avatar
pretty awesome, really nice indeed, this is one of my faves of yours
wonderful scene
xHaStex's avatar
thankyou kindly buddy....
very much appreciated...

hope your havin a good vacation...XD...
CSnyder's avatar
i am indeed and you are most welcome:highfive:
charco's avatar
cool, nice work. The scythe looks like its going under the monster's fur...that on purpose?
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