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How About...

I Give You The Finger

Keanu Reeves

a request from my missus :iconshrugg: ...

so the quote is from the Matrix...the action following is the greatest use of the finger ive ever seen...
but the man still managed to acheive an incredible use of the rod in Constantine...he flips the devil the bird....awesome...XD...

this took around 4 hours but within that time i took a break to watch Fringe...XD...

Artrage...initial sketch...
Paint Shop Pro...colour blocking and edits...
Painter...brush work and blending...
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very nice ! :)
Handie's avatar
oh! BTW - great job on this! ;)
xHaStex's avatar
thankyou very much...
and also for adding it to another awesome collection...XD....
Handie's avatar
you're welcome! :D
Handie's avatar
hey! I didn't know you were married to Shrugg!! congrats on the new baby! 2 artists in the same house - cool!!
xHaStex's avatar
thankyou very much...
both aritsts and we were both in the same band for years too...we were in a band together before we even got together...XD...
Handie's avatar
that is so cool!!! I met her when I first joined and then she disappeared and it's good to see her well enough to be back again the last while!

You will have pretty talented children! ;)

I had hopes for mine, even though my hubby so totally NON artistic - but they both went the way of the dark side and I am left with nothing.... *sigh*
xHaStex's avatar
heh heh...its funny coz she never disappeared to me...XD...

our daughter (2 years) is already scibbling on everything and she likes dancing...and hitting things like shes playing drums...hopefully she will be into creative things but time will tell....

that was funny...' the dark side '...:laughing:...
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Well, sometimes when he snores..... he sounds like Darth Vader.....

I'm not even kidding!!!
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Nice job.


The mouth seems off, as you have great definition then his lip just bleeds into his face at the corner.

Thisis a very realistic portrait although I didn't identify it as Mr.Reeves (That's probably my own failing because I probably couldn't pick Christian Bale out of a line up).

I like the fuzziness of his beard, although as was said before his eyes are a bit off. I would add a bit more reflection, even in black and white, to try and move away from the empty blackness effect, unless this is purposeful due to the Constantine reference.

You also might want to take a look at his ear. The shading gives a curve that appears to come towards the viewer, where th ear goes into the hair line, and the lobe could use a bit more definition as well.

I would like to state that ears are incredibly difficult and you did a smashing job.

I admire your ability to make noses look good. This piece as a lot of visual depth, and the texture while not being smooth is very wonderful. Smoothness isn't always the best and this piece has a lot of character. Congratulations on an excellent painting.
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He came here to Winnipeg and played in a theatre run of Hamlet... Can you imagine that? His reviews were very good and he certainly made an impact on the city's social scene!
The picture is terrific. I always teach that the picture is about the picture; meaning that the emotional idea should be re-enforced by every element in the piece. I think this is why this has such a strong impact; the character comes through with all the strokes and the blacks,
Super job!
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Big fan of both films. Awesome.
mephisto2501's avatar
very good drawing !
xHaStex's avatar
thankyou very much...
greatly appreciated...XD...
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lets seee....
anatomy: some mistakes...expecialy on the eyes.maybe because you didn't use references. they can be truly useful.
hand: on a first view it looks like rough and incomplete.improve the techique..try to follow some tutorials about the digital painting. you should do more attention on the details...and improve the line.

don't wanted to be mean.
hasta la vista
xHaStex's avatar
what hand?...
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Seriously, one of these days I need to try out digital painting. Learn how to do it once. XD

Anyways, this is stunning. The image had a nice soft look about it. I just love it!
xHaStex's avatar
once i went digital i rarely go back to trad...
the speed is theres no cleaning up after...XD...

thankyou very much...
i greatly appreciate you kind words...XD...
Hathor2006's avatar
Yes XD Digital is fun, as much as mine if different.

And you are welcome. You deserve it.
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Definetely one of your most real looking pieces. Happens to be the newest one aswell, clearly you're getting better lookign through your gallery. Again the black and white is cool in this, looks like charcoal actually which adds a bit of texture to the image. Like this one alot.
xHaStex's avatar
heh heh ch33r5 d00d3...
i do like textures...a bit of grain on a piece goes a long way in my eyes...XD...
im glad that you can see improvement in my work...its good to know...XD...
mushir's avatar
Looks great! Easily recognizable. Only thing that I thought could be improved is his left eye. It looks a little big.
xHaStex's avatar
ch33r5 for the input...
i doubt ill change it...i can cope with a slightly big eye...
i tend to leave pieces once im happy its done...but in the future ill remember to check eye sizes twice before saying a portriat is complete...XD...
grandchaosSR's avatar
That looks great. Very realistic IMO
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