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Far Away Power


C+cs greatly appreciated. XD
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Bad ass pic! love this. The mood and colors are great. comp is great. Sweet shit son!
Sinjordan's avatar
Bloody hell! This is probably my most favourite of your works. Incredible to the point of envy inducing and yet another example of the amazing effects a good artist can achieve with digital. Awesome job, dude.
xHaStex's avatar
dude! always good to know your immpressed! makes me feel ive killed a concept.
i seriously appreciate your kind words buddy. XD
Sinjordan's avatar
No worries, man. I really like this pic, and the quality is superb.
The style reminds me of the one used for Durham Red: Empty Suns.
Eva-Bodhicitta's avatar
Very beautiful ! please explain which program you made this with.. thank you.

very beautiful indeed.
xHaStex's avatar
thankyou. XD
it was all done in photoshop.
ParvaLupa's avatar
Love the structures in here.. beautiful!
ayako-sp's avatar
Cool - looks like artwork for a MTG game
Vanguard3000's avatar
Neat. It really feels like there's a story to go with this picture...
CSnyder's avatar
oh my word:faint:
this is amazing my friend, wow
im speechless
xHaStex's avatar
really wasnt expecting a response like that.
seriously i appreciate the uber awesome comment buddy. kinda makes it all worth it. XD :highfive:
CSnyder's avatar
well its astonishing looking and superbly done, you are very much welcome!:highfive:
xHaStex's avatar
thankyou again good sir. XD
CSnyder's avatar
my pleasure!
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