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Enso Circle and Quote

Ok so, this is my 2nd tattoo, of who knows how many to come, they are somewhat addictive. anyways its an enso circle, which is a symbol of things like eternity, the void, enlightenment, zen stuff. and the quote that runs along the top "How Do You Prove We Exist? Maybe We Don't..." which i somewhat stolen from the game final fantasy ix, give or take a word or 2. its always kinda run parallel to my thoughts on life and the afterlife, and then enso is a symbol that i align myself with, if not for the zen aspect, so much as the circular, void and remenisence of the snake biting its own tail.

Feel free to ask me more about, i'll answer any questions about it. And ask do you prove we exist?
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I have the ouroboros from FullMetal Alchemist on my chest, which is pretty much the same as this: dragon eating its own tail so I totally get this. BEAUTIFULLY done! Just got another tat today that reads "A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body" in Japanese. Stolen from Soul Eater, but I still think its something beautiful to live by.
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That's a very philosophical Socrates point of view... I like it, something I may consider having done in my own style without the text.
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"Cogito, ergo sum" - I think therefore I am... You cannot doubt that you exist... Because in order for you to doubt you exist you need to doubt that you doubt-a logical contraction (since doubting that you doubt is in fact an act of doubting).
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Righto, thanks for saving me the (figurative) breath.
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i love it
its soooo great O_O wow
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i can prove you exist.
Whoa, this is old.
Sorry to comment on it.

But you can only prove existance in relative terms. Just as in a book, the character can prove his dog exists. But in our life, it does not. Proof is relative, along with belief.
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the leg (calf) iam pritty certain!
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were is this tattoo located? :P
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