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Collab - Maiden in the Mist by XGP-Nataku
Mature content
Collab - Maiden in the Mist :iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 15 0
Copper: Daybreak's Bell - Chapter 6
    Ford rushed down the stairs and both Graham and Akihiro advanced to the fallen man. The man was fighting the snake that was still biting his neck. Adam rushed down stairs after hearing the screams of pain. “What the hell’s going on down there?” Adam asked as Akihiro held down the individual’s legs. “Adam, call 911 right now and tell them to bring an ambulance ASAP!” Graham shouted as he ran to the truck to grab a bucket to contain the snake. “What should I do Graham?” Ford asked in a panicked voice. “Stay calm, there’s some antivenom in my kit that I brought with me that should stabilize him. Go and get it, it’s back by the kitchen.” Graham said to Ford as he rushed off to the truck. “Hello, yes we have a medical emergency here. We have an individual that was bit by a poisonous snake.” Adam said to the 911 operator as Akihiro was struggling to keep him down. “Damn, this guy
:iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 1 0
Copper: Daybreak's Bell - Chapter 5
    “I was unaware that Mr. Aker was living with you at this moment Billy.” Belle said as she scratched the back of her head with an embarrassed laugh. “What’s that delicious smell?” Allenby asked as she was smelling what Graham was cooking. “Bring ‘em on in Katagiri, I don’t mind.” Graham said to Billy as he was checking the steaks. “Sure thing, come on in you two.” Billy said to Belle and Allenby as they got into the kitchen to see Graham get the steaks out onto a tray for Billy’s pot-luck dinner. “Hello Belle, how’s the business going along?” Graham asked Belle as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Graham, good to see you again. Adam’s been waiting to hear that you came home.” Belle said to Graham as he kissed her on the cheek back. “I’d bet the guy’s itching to get me in on one of his “Demo Day” projects.” Graham said as
:iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 1 0
Copper: Daybreak's Bell - Chapter 4
    As Hush and Graham were talking to the butcher to get the proper cuts of ribeye steaks, Eva and Mulan were looking on from the deli to see what they were going to do next. “Hey Eva, I got us lunch today.” Mulan said as she was holding a bag of sub sandwiches for both her and Eva. “Thanks, you’re paying for it just, so you know.” Eva said with a smirk on her face which Mulan reacted to that comment with a pout. Despite Eva poking fun at Mulan; she never took her eyes off of Graham and Hush as they got their ribeye steaks. Graham and Hush made their way throughout the store and got the items on their respective lists. Mulan and Eva were not that far behind; but didn’t want to make it look suspicious to anyone else in the store. “So, Hush are you new to Arendelle or have you lived here before?” Graham asked Hush as they got their way into the seafood section of the store. “I just got back home after finishing up
:iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 3 0
Collab - Maiden of Tartaros by XGP-Nataku
Mature content
Collab - Maiden of Tartaros :iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 19 6
Copper: Daybreak's Bell - Chapter 3
    Back at the 13th precinct station, Noin was having a sip of her coffee as McGillis was looking over the reports he had the 4th precinct’s cybercrimes division gather for him. “I have to admit; the inspection went by a lot faster than we could have anticipated.” Noin said as McGillis was completing his report. “Is that so?” McGillis asked as Noin looked up on the evidence board for the “Breaker” case the 13th has been stuck with for the last several years. “The team back at the 4th precinct is having a hard time keeping up with the influx of updates from our questionings; I guess that’s the fault of having an exceptional superior like you.” Noin said as McGillis as he just submitted the report to Colonel Elion. “I’ll be careful in the future Miss Noin.” McGillis said as he took a sip of his coffee. “I’m sure it’ll surprise you-know-who after all the steps he took to bu
:iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 2 0
Copper: Daybreak's Bell - Chapter 2
    It was about 7 in the morning the following day and Graham was up doing his morning workout routine. Billy was in the kitchen working up a good breakfast as he was looking through the morning paper. Graham stepped into the kitchen after his workout to get a glass of water to rehydrate as he was looking at the article that Billy was Reading. “What’s the latest news you’re looking into Katagiri?” Graham asked as he was wiping a towel over his head. “It’s the latest news on the “Breaker”, it seems that the precinct in which Detective Menzel is working at is under investigation from the 4th Precinct’s inspection bureau.” Billy said to Graham as he got some pancakes on the cast-iron skillet. “Let me take a guess, the inspection bureau from the 4th has reason to believe that someone from Elsa’s precinct is leaking out intel on the informants to the “breaker”?” Graham asked as he
:iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 3 0
Copper: Daybreak's Bell - Chapter 1
    It was about 6 in the evening when the flight landed at Arendelle. As the people made their way from the gate to the main terminal, there was an air of uneasiness throughout the citizens. This was all in large part to the “Breaker” incidents that have been going on for several months now and there were no leads as to who they might be or who they work for. All of this was of little importance at the time for a man who was serving his country in the air force. He was about 27 in age and had blonde hair with hazel eyes. The man had stepped off of the tram and into the main terminal where he was greeted by another man with long brown hair done up in a top-knot ponytail and had glasses on. “Katagiri!” the man called out to the long-haired man now known as Billy Katagiri. “Well look at this, the ace of the Over Flags has come home.” Billy said to Graham Aker; a Lieutenant in the United States Air Force who has returned to Arendelle
:iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 2 0
Melfina - Gundam 00 Pilot by XGP-Nataku Melfina - Gundam 00 Pilot :iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 11 1
G Gundam: RYF - C9: Honor Among Thieves
As Tyler and Rav were discussing the extent of the damages to Shining Gundam, Allenby had her normal outfit on and looked to her gundam as she was starting to gain a true connection with her machine.
ALLENBY: (internally) I’m really glad you came for me Noble Gundam. Perhaps I’m starting to learn how a shuffle alliance member and their gundam become connected to one another or something like that; regardless of what the reason could be we’ll get through this together.
RJ: Hey sis, you ready over there?
RJ Stepped out in his casual wear which consisted of some custom boots, green cargo pants, a utility belt, black fingerless gloves, and a black t-shirt underneath a red track jacket with a dragon emblem on the left pectoral side. Allenby then turned to see her brother looking rather decent than when she first encountered him.
RJ: I traded the “wandering nomad” look for something much more casual.
ALLENBY: You’re looking real
:iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 1 0
G Gundam: RYF - C8: Shining Gundam Rising
Prime Minister Wong Yunfat had just gotten into the main government building after a brief ride from the airport. His mood was less than pleasant as he was looking at the time lost from the past few days. He looked over the data and was unpleasantly surprised to find out that someone else has taken interest in the Dark Gundam.
WONG: Those idiots in Zurich cost me way too much time in their deliberations on what we needed to do in regard to that “accident” a few days ago. With the final battle just days away, I only have enough time for Domon Kasshu to have one more match against Schwarz Bruder of Neo Germany.
MASTER ASIA: Seems only fitting that the King of Hearts to have one final test before the final battle royal. I hope that the time in Zurich didn’t make you lose sight of the big picture here Mr. Wong?
WONG: Of course, I haven’t Master. Once we get the final battle royal underway, we’ll unleash the Dark Gundam and ensure that Neo
:iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 1 0
G Gundam: RYF - C7: Stakes Raised, Deck Stacked
Far off in the distance, Master Asia saw the scene before him and took a moment to appreciate what had just transpired between the Shuffle Alliance and RJ. Master Asia couldn’t help but give a slight chuckle as the alliance all headed down to where RJ hid out for the past few days.
MASTER ASIA: Things have gotten interesting around here. It won’t be much longer now till we face off again Domon and I am looking forward to our fateful encounter.
Master Asia then left the scene before the authorities showed up to arrest all of the House enforcers. Inside the hidden facility, RJ filled the alliance in on how he got to Earth during Domon and Allenby’s match.
RJ: Come on in guys and make yourselves at home.
SAI: You’ve been hiding out down here?
ARGO: More importantly, I’m surprised that this place even exists in the first place.
CHIBODEE: Hey, isn’t this…
RJ: Yeah, I’ve been keeping up with the finals
:iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 1 0
RYF: Long Overdue Reunion by XGP-Nataku RYF: Long Overdue Reunion :iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 9 0
G Gundam: RYF - C6 - Reunion in the Rift
Back at the docks, the Alliance gathered together to wait for Domon and Allenby to return from their fishing trip. Rain joined up with Jess and Rav not too far behind them as they got by the spot in which Han docks his boat.
GEORGE: How long have they been out for?
JESS: They left at 6 AM on the nose from what Rav told me.
CHIBODEE: Best time to go out for fishing that’s for sure. I’ve done it before back on my cousin’s ranch in Texas.
RAIN: I still haven’t gotten word yet from the G.F.I.C. on when the tournament is going to resume.
SAI: They’re probably still working on the rings and running safety tests on them.
RAV: Not to mention that the mountain ring took the most damage and they’re still assessing the damages.
ARGO: Hold on, I think I can see the boat right there.
Han’s boat came into view of the entire group and they could see Domon, Allenby, Tyler, and Mac at the bow of the ship. Mac was
:iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 1 0
G Gundam OC - RJ Beardsley by XGP-Nataku G Gundam OC - RJ Beardsley :iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 6 0 RYF: When All Hope is Lost by XGP-Nataku RYF: When All Hope is Lost :iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 5 0

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Sexy Nali by X-Ray99
Mature content
Sexy Nali :iconx-ray99:X-Ray99 163 36
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Collab - Maiden in the Mist
This is a collab with eddmos in a continuation from the previous collab we did together.

Base: Erza
:iconeddmos: - Colors
Fairy Tail (C) Hiro Mashima
Outlaw Star (C) Takehiko Ito
Lineart (C) Me
The journey has been great; but now it is time to go home. Thank you Toronto for treating us well.

Live and Learn

Tue Jun 26, 2018, 4:41 AM

Hey guys, been a while since my last update and here's what's on deck as far as work goes:

Raise Your Flag will be resuming as soon as I get back from Toronto and the first arc of the story will be completed soon.
Daybreak's Bell, a story in the universe of :iconzero-kiba:'s Copper universe, is about go into the 7th chapter of the story and will be started shortly.
:iconsilvermonki:, the art trade is nearly done on my end and I will get to work on it before I set off for Toronto.

Other than that, my main focus is on the trip coming up in a couple of weeks and I am excited for that. I'll be getting some photos ready for the trip and enjoy the company of a good brother that I've known since high school.

Time to look to the future and think of some positive things that I am going to do with my life rather than degrading myself and being an absolute dick to everyone I encounter. No more of me bringing myself down in the dumps or anything like that at all, I'll be moving on with my life and just focus on making a positive impact on my life and those that I encounter in my travels.

That's all for now, have a nice day. 

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