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C4D Tutorial To :Crash Burn:

By xgod-0
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After a few people asked I finally decided to contribute and write a tutorial to one of my pieces called :Crash Burn:. Its aimed at beginer to mid range c4d users, As you will see somtimes I will go into depth and other times I will qucily walkthough bits. I also apoligize for bad spelling and gramma, both are not parts of my finer skills.
This ones a bit long but thats mainly due to my rambling, This is my first writtin tutorial and its kinda writing how I do my conversational tutorials with people. Oh and if it gets a bit skecty towards the end its becuase I was on and off the phone for a few hours while writting parts. And just ignore the bad layout and bad attempt at makin it look good, the important part is what containted within ;)

Also just a note, let me know if you use this to create somthing, I would be glad to take a look at what you create. and also feel free to add this to your site if you would like, Just let me know please.

There was also somthing else I wanted to say but I forget right now, If i remember I will add it later, Enjoy
*Edit* Oh yeah, If you have any trouble in any part, please note me, or leave a comment and I would be happy to try and explain it better.
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Im a newbie, doing good so far, but what is and where do I find the way to do the small bevel and small extrude? Id so appreciate any help, I'm sure it's super simple. Thanks!!!
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what c4d are you using? My version has no option for subdivide under structure nor a crumple tool.
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ahh I figured it out, for those of you with newer version its under Structure > Set Point Value then go from there should be able to find Crumple.
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I dont see a crumple option anywhere, nor do I see an edit surface. what v of c4d you use? sweet technique tho.
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i dont have the crumple tool?
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I'm pretty sure I'm retarded. xD My first time using C4D and I cna't find subdivide under Structure. @.@
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hey dude, no matter what i try i cant find the crumple tool, stops me in my tracks right at the beggining? any idea on whats going on?
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cheers for the tutorial. I'm just a beginner and found it really good and easy to follow. :)
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Can i please have permission to post your tutorials in with a link back to your DA profile or any link you desire?
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I give my permission, Thank you for asking. Just a link to my profile is fine. Cheers :salute:
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Cheers buddy, thanks for the heads up
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yup, figured you'd want to know where your stuff is being linked to from :)
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Hey, I'm using C4D 10... or something like it.
the structure 2 first actions does'nt exist or unable to work in my version.
any shortcut keys? [hotkeys?]
thanks N'y ways.
and you realy need to work on your English... XD
[didn't ment to insult you though]
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hmm now your going back a ways bud, do you mean the crumple step?
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Sweet tutorial, the only thing I had trouble with is the crumple effect because I guess my version doesn't have it.
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Thanks buddy, glad it was handy
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lol... a tutorial for abstract randomness... c'mon...
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It was mostly for a friend, who I promised I would help. I'm not precise enough to write a tut on somthing decent.
I only just checked who you where, and buddy love your work. Your robot fella is just tops.
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