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Hey everyone.
I'm starting up commissions.

It's going to cost USD! $$

Headshots ~ $5


(This is the way it would look, however, this is a lion headshot so the cat will look SLIGHTLY different.)

Fullbody ~ $10
+ $2 for extra characters



Scene ~ Between $13 - $30

(This one will depend on how long I take on the picture itself)


Tawnyheart's Death
Identity Crisis

NEW Fursona (Cats only) ~ $6 Headshot & $11 Fullbody


El Tango De Roxanne

I will allow the first two characters to be free.
After that it's +$2
Also, shading is going to be +$1 because I'm lazy and it'd be putting in extra.

Simple background will be free, but anything crazy will cost extra, depending on what it is.
(I'm not that good so)
So today, I'm going to be opening up for art trades!

I love seeing my persona OC in other people's styles such as

{At} Cute love by Yarmii
(done by Yarmii on deviant)

Tell your friends about it!
I don't think my art is all that great but I really do try.

Just message me info and a picture to base your character off of :happybounce: 

I look forward to this!