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Well, first off, I just want to mention the obvious fact that this peice is stunning!

I'll start with the background stuff. I really like the way the mist/clouds look as if they are actually part of the treeline and both tree and cloud blen in almost prefectly. I also like the way the clouds appear to be coming down the valleys toward the foreground of the picture (if you get how I mean that!) Baring in mind the title "Morning" I love the sky - how it's really quite bright and slightly blinding, which actually fits very well in this peice and I know it's not easy to get a morning sky looking right with a different scenery!! The lighting from the sky onto the trees is seemless to me and I really like how it's fades in intensity toward the front. I think the way you did the blending of the background, clouds and the lighting suits this brilliantly.

Now onto that stunner of a winged pony. I hope I'm correct in thinking he or she is a Fjord? I'm going to refer to the horse as a she for now...

I love the windswept mane and tail - basically how the horse curves around to our left and the hair flows as if she is actually going that way, making it very realistic. The lighting is fabulous and again, realistic with the bright sky of the morning making the back of her a tad lighter than the front. Her wings are very nicely blended, even though the tips of the furthest feathers are a little hard to see, but I think that was how it was supposed to look, and if it wasn't, well it still looks great. the overall view of the horse is really good, so the tiny thing about the tips of the feathers was almost not worth mentioning. Now my Equine Anatomy is not great, but personally I would have put the wings up a little, not much so they're coming more from the shoulder blades than the actualy shoulder, if that makes sense. I love the way she looks as if she is really flying and not just plopped in mid air like some I have seen before, but this looks as if she is actually using those wings. I love the colouration as well, highlight and lowlight wise. I think the cutting on the front hoof (leading) could be a little smoother, but that is only a minor detail.

Overall, this is simply beautiful. Extremily good and worlds away from many other winged horse based peices. Well done! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":thumbsup:" title="Thumbs Up"/>
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thank you for the critique (: i had a lot of trouble with placing the wings, the angle wasn't easy/ but it's always good to try new things! i do agree that they are a bit awkward, almost too far forward. depth isn't a strong point with me.
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Yes, it is great to try new things! To get them just right would take hours of tiny changes but what you did is still great! I'm in absolute awe of your work right now anyway xD Overall, there are no words (in a good way)

No problems for the critique though. :)
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This is excellent.
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Wow, this is just way too amazing.
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You are very welcome.
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I cannot get over all of the details you've put into this. THOSE WINGS!! :love:
Fantastic job, wonderfully executed!
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wow, thank you! it's a huge honor to hear that coming from you, [ i've secretly always considered you the queen of pegasi wings ]

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Oh my goodness, no problem!! :hug:
You're too sweet, aha~
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Beautiful work, featured here [link] =)
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I LOVE this. I have a Fjord character named Werewolf and I giggled a but seeing one with wings. This is incredible though. I love your style, we must art-trade sometime! ^-^
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thanks! we should, sometime. when i get any spots cleared i'll be sure to note you!
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Aww yes please!! I would be honored!~
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A good piece of art :)
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This is amazing!! Its just so dynamic and I just love it! :D
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