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Alright, so made these the other day and honestly, i think they turned out pretty sick. Since i knew i would fail or pussy out, i had my friends pa cut em out for me.

Heres how to make em!

-Start out by gettin some transparent pexiglass at your local TAPplastics, or somewhere, keep the paper on (this will prevent the glass from getting scratched
-For mine we used a bandsaw, but a dremel is less expensive and probably easier to use.
-after you cut them out, you can take off the paper and look at your shiny new glasses,
- to get them to stay on your face you dont have to do the same method as we did but you can drill 1/8 holes where i have those two dots, and stick some copper wire through em, then you can hammer it a bit so it stays, be sure not to hit the glass though.
- After that to keep the copper from hurting your ears, you can put some rubber on the end.


overall, i think this project costs between 10 and 20 bucks.

If you gots any questions, jsut comment below
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Well, I Totally wasn't there when it happened. No. Don't ask. I Wasn't. No.
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By the way. That's a nice Clock!
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Hay, you did it!
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Also, if you want to get rid of the dots, jsut use paint over them, imma do that later XD
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saw the thumbnail...thought the top left picture was something sticking out of someone's back :B
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omfg me too lol
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