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Ill of Fate
We were like quasars,
The tendrils of our emotionally
burning synapses worked so
hard on overdrive just to show
the other how much we can cry.
We were like magnetic poles,
emanating forces of energy
opposite from one another,
both equally strong
Never once actually
Coming too close to touch,
Because if we ever did,
We'd just combust.
:iconxfallinghearts:xfallinghearts 2 0
Spiral Out, Be Here Now
Little seedlings echoing the shadows
of stories once told,
Displaced in the filth,
The industrial disarray,
Bio-hazardous waste and LCD Displays
Past, Present and future
entangled within the cosmic folds.
A persistent ringing in your ears,
a desperate cry, singing, drumming, beating..
And it goes:
Sure, you can see
but please do not forget to breathe.
Your emotional sewage runs rampant,
and your heart is left vacant.
Do not forget the sound by which
all things are bound.
The consistent low humming.
Spiral out
Spiral out
And be here now.
:iconxfallinghearts:xfallinghearts 1 3
Children of the Tribe
We are the children of earth, air, fire and water.
Of temperate pasts and violent storms.
We are the children of here and now
Standing against the tide as one,
With frosted halos and interlocked hearts.
We are the cosmic dust across the sky
And the morning dew upon the leaves.
We are the soil beneath your feet,
Of seeds, flowers, and ancient trees.
We are the wonders under the same mother,
Spawned from the depths of madness,
Flaws stitched with good intentions,
Made with love, radiating lust,
And torn by the shackles of our selflessness.
We are the quiet and lonely wolves that howl
Into the blackened out sky waiting for the sun
To kiss the sparkling moon goodbye.
We are the warrior children of the tribe,
of indigo, rainbow, and light
Emanating peace & joy until we are
Once again reunited with the sky.
:iconxfallinghearts:xfallinghearts 1 0
Minor Pluck of a Heart-string
There was a scent of vanilla and wine within the air
When it all first settled in.
Just a minor pluck of a heart-string.
Tug, Tug, Tug,
1, 2, 3, and it was done.
There was no cupid necessary for
feelings unrepressed.
Like plate tectonics, emotions quake,
And the brick wall I had built
Around myself had been broken down,
Unveiling only what truth was there all along.
That was when my heart rumbled, cracked open
And poured itself out as it washed away
The remnants of the evil still leftover.
A cleansing moment with what I never
thought could or would be.
A high vibration,
A secret language composed of smiles:
Just you and me
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Candy Wash by xfallinghearts Candy Wash :iconxfallinghearts:xfallinghearts 74 3
Radical wildfire, you free spirit,
Weathered, withered away,
Your soul left in chains,
So I've come to save your heart,
From anymore torrential rain.
:iconxfallinghearts:xfallinghearts 0 1
Lose yourself
Lose yourself, for the lightness of your soul is over whelming.
Sing songbird lullabies and dance under the sun.
This is how you're heard.
:iconxfallinghearts:xfallinghearts 0 0
There is no 'calm' in 'storm'
I drew mountains from flowers,
Casted monsoons from the tip of my tongue
In hopes of finding an answer
But instead I found nothing.
There is no solace in brewing up storms, my friends
But at least there is the hope that a
seed shall break through the stubborn surface
and sprout into a blooming bounty of forgiveness.
:iconxfallinghearts:xfallinghearts 0 2
She waits.
Through tidal waves
through hurricanes, through luck
She waits for him, her long lost sailor boy
her sweet soft sentimental poor excuse called love.
:iconxfallinghearts:xfallinghearts 0 0
This siren's song is waiting,
sifting through the armada of coral reefs
and schools of fish.
:iconxfallinghearts:xfallinghearts 1 0
Queen of the Fay
Moonbeams drip from her fingertips
Ice cascades around her hips,
She's ancient fjord,
A dark and cavernous mind,
Little elemental sprite.
Child of the night
Whose blossoms only bloom
Under the blackened out moon.
Sister of delight, you dear,
Your turnstiles let in too many I fear.
Her wings wither away,
This Queen of the Fey,
Goddess of wanting and waiting
With sanity slowly dissipating.
Can't stop disintegrating,
Stolen upstream up by the clouds,
Swept with self-doubt.
A heart left in shambles,
Some broken pieces scattered across the floor,
She uses her king as the bits of glue in between,
And though he doesn't quite understand
Just how much one would give
To replace the position in which he stands.
Beautiful Disaster; what everybody's after.
And no you can't have her, hold her or save her,
She's a wild thing,
You probably haven't the wits to properly embrace her.
:iconxfallinghearts:xfallinghearts 2 0
hiatus on life
I don't write anymore.
I don't write anymore because I fear that every time I speak
I'll be regarded to as less and less as a normal human being,
even though I have feelings
and they are bursting just
as much as everyone else's.
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Mermaid Shell by xfallinghearts Mermaid Shell :iconxfallinghearts:xfallinghearts 2 0
My iridescent wings fall to the ground as I hear a tapping on the wall.
A promise was broken.
Violent, repetitive, ringing relentlessly through my ears. I am growing weaker by the sheer sound of it and I've lost my ability to fly away. I start shrinking, shriveling, minimizing to a small bundled form. Without warning, plates cascade around me forming a cold metal cocoon.
This is what I never thought I'd feel, what I never thought I'd see. This is hopelessness, insecurity, low self esteem, this is my own bitter purgatory imprisoning my limbs and encaging the full extent of my body.
It's like a snow storm in the middle of summer, a lone wolf lost in unknown woods. It's like a being trapped in a cave with no light or sound, and when you scream, you're lucky if you hear so much as an echo.
This is demetamorphisis.
The ultimate loss of hope in the universe. I see no cracks of light shining through, I can no longer smell of the sweet scent of grass, or taste the warmth of the sun. I can't gr
:iconxfallinghearts:xfallinghearts 1 0
Stuck in the Undercurrent of Thought
3 am and my head's still pounding, I've had this migraine for days…Temples throbbing, nerve endings exploding, like a rabid animal being sentenced to a barb wire cage with no food to eat and room to breathe. Thoughts are deadly. Fighting, bleeding, suffering in deep rooted pits of anxiety. My synapses are in full combat, but I'm a pacifist.
I can feel it now. The change, the shift. I feel it. The voices, drumming, I can hear it, the fire, it's burning, flesh rotting. I can smell it, Like it's all being cooked up in one big  rotten stew, except there is most definitely meat in it, and I'm a vegetarian.
I am a child of darkness sworn to her own demons that were locked up long ago in treasure chest deep inside her old bedroom closet, Although I swear to you I never wanted things to be this way. It just happened. But know this, I am still holy, still pure, my tears still fall as transparent across the curve of my cherub face. I never wished to be so naïve. It's just tha
:iconxfallinghearts:xfallinghearts 1 6
Bitter Ramblings
My heart is a concave ocean
swamped with barnacles;
molding, rotting, and rancid
I am unwanted.
:iconxfallinghearts:xfallinghearts 0 3


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Luna Fleur
United States
//In need of a heavy dose of daylight//

If the temptation of sleep
doesn't overcome me,
I promise you I can show
you things you never
thought could exist.
never have i ever entered a journal entry into DA until now.
And i probably never will..ha

first entry. woo!
  • Listening to: Explosions in the Sky :)
  • Eating: Magical Mushrooms. haha.


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