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Random Favourites

I opened the note with a curious glance in your direction. The first thing I saw as it unfolded were the two worst words I could have possibly seen:
I'm sorry.
Ice formed somewhere on the back of my neck and as the excruciating hour passed it gradually sunk lower and lower into my spine. I really didn't need to read the rest of it to know what had happened. I should have seen it coming honestly. I was stupid. For once in my life I didn't over analyze everything and it bit me square in the ass.
The letter, they had to have read it. I knew you never would have told them that fast. I never thought they'd be so disrespectful that they'd read your mail. Yet, even knowing what the note would say I had to read it. I craved your words; I had to know what you thought of me.
The revelation broke my heart, but what did me in was your face all through band. I nearly cried as I saw you bury your head in your hands. I couldn't tell if you were crying, but if you weren't I knew you were desper
:iconmusicmage:musicmage 4 46
You Don't Know About Me
We live together
But you don't even know me
You don't know what  I do
What I eat and drink
What I believe in
You don't know how I feel
When you walk the other way
Go to another place
Fight against your will
And agree with what you don't
We sleep together
But no one else is to know
How we feel about each other
Because of where we live
And what we believe
You can't complain, though
When we go out together
When we can't be together
Because you helped this happen
By not knowing me
:iconcranberrymelon:cranberrymelon 1 21
Through your eyes by nabey Through your eyes :iconnabey:nabey 164 182 doggy by drtsanchez doggy :icondrtsanchez:drtsanchez 37 58 Step In by HideAndDie Step In :iconhideanddie:HideAndDie 7 6 Ishrinktasis by Albertas Ishrinktasis :iconalbertas:Albertas 5 4
And She Vowed
All that I am and all that I have
I give to you hand in hand
To love you, cherish you, and forever stand by you
To be your lover, your friend, walk with you til the end
To wake to your kiss, and fall alseep in your arms
Knowing you're all that I'm living for...
For now and for always, from this day forward
With god as my witness

I am forever yours</b>
:iconthe-beautiful-red:the-beautiful-red 9 4
Ghost bay by 0slaven0 Ghost bay :icon0slaven0:0slaven0 208 121
I lost my confidence...
For one long year you tortured me
My life a living hell
Each day you tormented me and pushed me to my shell
Your words were wounds
Wrapped in my skin
Seeping within
I see you grin
You laugh at my tears for eternal years
I cried myself to sleep each night,
Worn and weary from losing each fight.
I longed for the day when you were not there
for then I could wear that thing in my hair
Without fearing what you would say
You drove me away
I swore not to stay
I saw you glare and I hated it there
I lost my confidence, you lost my trust
I lose myself and run as I must
Each day I dreaded coming to school
You thought the teasing made you look cool
No-one else knew what I went through,
No-one else cared,
Instead they all stared,
At the spotty, greasy-haired, shy little girl.
Next year came and you let me be,
I thought, "Wow! Now I am free!"
But instead of the torments, I was completely ignored,
Ignored by those I had once adored
I lost my confidence, you lost my trust
I lose myself and run
:iconwriting-the-world:writing-the-WORLD 16 32
I want to tell you that i'm sorry
That I never meant those words
But everytime I see you
My legs become frozen
I try to yell your name
But no sound comes out
All I can do is watch you walk past me
So close that your cologne consumes my senses
My heart begins to throb into my throat
After you walk by me
I take ahold of something
To keep myself from falling
The pain I feel now grows
Each time I see you around
The idea that you hate me
Makes my eyes water
I feel like such a mess up
I want to tell you how sorry i am
But as soon as you come around
I become silenced
:iconsiren-4:siren-4 1 2
Deterioration Part 1
I still love you
But I don't know why
I thought I let
My feelings for you die
I guess they're still there
Alive and well
And right now they're putting me
Through a slow and painful hell
About three months ago
Was when it began
Our friendship that is
And pretty deep it ran
Since that day
I've been your best friend
You told me everything
Through the IM's we'd send
You trusted me more
Than you trusted your guys
And I felt nothing you told me
Were that of lies
I think you started talking to me
Cause I was good friends with your girl
Before I befriended you
I was watching events unfurl
She wanted to know secrets
So she let me talk to you
But telling your secrets
Would be something I'd never do
So I kept your secrets
And hers as well
And trust me when I say
Nobody did I tell
But it wasn't just your secrets
That to me you'd confide
Something much more real;
Present attempts of suicide
Your girlfriend said,
"No more drinking, and not another square"
Then when it came to you
You didn't semm to
:iconwrites-how-she-feels:writes-how-she-feels 4 18
Journal Entry-WithAllOfMyHeart
"The quality of your life depends on how you love the things you do, how you do the things you love and how you love the one who loves you."
I want a guy to take care of my heart. If I'm just going to get hurt, then I'd rather choose not to love at all.
You don't know this, but you were the first guy that I loved. Still love. I will never forget you. Until now my heart skips a beat just thinking about you. Remember our long talks. Or when we meet up? But you chose her. Of course you would, I'm nothing when I stand next to her, and she's so pretty. Isn't that what everyone notices first, beauty before personality?
You might not now, but I still hurt to this very day, but I covered my feelings for you by putting you two together. Look how that turned out. Could she compare to the love I felt for you? I don't know, I think you still don't realise that I'm the one for you. I'll keep waiting for the day when you realise, it is me. How ever long it takes I will wait. Even though I will have
:iconbaby-pengu:baby-pengu 3 12
I wear this mask where ever i go.
Without it you would see me. The real me.
The terrifing, monster that is within.
I hide it, with layers of false smiles, so i don't scare you.
It would scare you, terrify you. I love you to much to show you the real me.
But sometimes I let my guard down, i accidently show you a glimpse of his grotesque face, filled with the horrors of my mind.
I saw you flinch. I saw how you wanted to run away. To scream at me.
It was just a glimpse. Imagine if you saw him. Saw me.
Would you understand?
This is who I am. What I am. Don't you understand?
I thought you loved me. You said you loved me.
You loved my mask.
Who could love a monster?
:iconshebekka:shebekka 4 21
best friends.. not.
Cold as the space between hearts of a kind has grown
A fire still burns, nonetheless
wasting to bittersweet ashes, kindles away.
All done and over and moving on. Right?
so easy to convince shrewd naive minds
thinking never with a mind of their own.
But silence that little voice inside your head
keep suffocating it till it's almost dead.
Pretend a piece of past was all a dream
gone like the character you once had been.
Love pleads its sake one second chance
Too late, says Hate, for another dance
Maybe months, years from now we'll meet
out of pure coincidence of course; and presumably,
New life, new shoes, new friends; and hopefully,
By and by
we'd have finally come -
to find ourselves.
:iconbugsymoron:bugsymoron 6 18


Summer Wood II by sagittariusgallery Summer Wood II :iconsagittariusgallery:sagittariusgallery 90 19 Red Age by KsenKAT Red Age :iconksenkat:KsenKAT 249 90 Jamaica by nobock Jamaica :iconnobock:nobock 49 13 Far behind by marcopolococo Far behind :iconmarcopolococo:marcopolococo 25 37 When magic happens... by Inebriantia When magic happens... :iconinebriantia:Inebriantia 591 231 Love by too-much4you Love :icontoo-much4you:too-much4you 3,596 429



Current Residence: Philippines, Oman and Qatar
Favourite genre of music: OPM & RnB
Favourite photographer: Tonnette Jacinto,Manny Inumerable,Noli Ortiz, Jorem Catilo, Dennis Magdamo, Joseph Uy, Shella Juan,
Favourite style of art: Abstract, Paint, oil pastel, mixed media, black and white, landscapes..
MP3 player of choice: i-pod
Skin of choice: my skin
Favourite cartoon character: Elmo
Personal Quote: The best use of life is love. The best expression of love is time. The best time to love is now. ..


Journal Entry: Fri Feb 8, 2008, 4:51 PM
Hey guys. How are you all? If there are any new contests please let me know ok? I haven't submitted anything for ages =]


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