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the swan

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well I made this for a potential post rock band i'm gonna start. hopefull y'all like it :)
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Did you feed the swaaaaan? Did you feed the swaaaaaan? Papa did you feed the swaaaa-haaaaan?
Is he coming back? Is he coming back? Papa is he coming baaaaaaa-hack?
Oooooh Angeloooo, he's coming next spriiiiing!

Ooops, sorry, got a little distracted there :$ Don't bother going looking for the lyrics or listen to the song hahaha I think you might not speak with me anymore afterwards.

But I really like this. And it's like he's a really posh swan all dressed up and the nice lamps in the back, but then the picture is just a polaroid slapped on the wall with some tape. Maybe he's a serial killer or a maffia-swan or maybe this is a picture taken by a detective or maybe it is a picture hanging on the wall of a serial killer because this is his next victim! Swans can be evil!!! Or maybe I'm just halucinating and just posted the most useless comment ever... :p