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Wolves in your house

I wanted a really scary image of two enormous wolves staring at red riding hood's house. No cliche wolves but kinda surreal ones. wolves were done in a black ball pen... houw was drawn with a big black marker... after that I canned 'em in .. painted a moon .. scanned that as wel .. and kinda pasted it together in photoshop. done some other tiny thing in itas well like making beams from the wolve sfingers to the windows. hope you guys like it a bit. another page for my novel.

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thats pretty lol
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wow that looks so nice!
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Wolves in the Walls?
TheSweetBlackMadness's avatar
When I see this, I was thinking about "House of wolves" xD
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Great concept - very surreal and creative. A great depiction of those classic storybook wolves.
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I love macabre things!! :XD:
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Very nice, but truly reminds me of Dave McKean's style in Neil Gaiman's "The Wolves in the Walls".
I wonder if he might have been your influence?
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I really love this! =D
Should have more than six faves. >_>
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Freaky, but I like! *favs*
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I love this! The wolves are perfect for this scene.
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Thanks !!! not really satisfied with it ... so ... version two is comin' up :)
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OMG I think this is my favorite yet!!! really really cool :D
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I love it! The house is a really nice style too
Dani-tornbackpocket's avatar
this is soo awesome.. and evil..
i love it and you.

<3 daniiiiiii
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Wow, I love the detail in this. I like how not all of the wolves body is inked in making it look sort of transparent, almost supernatural. The style reminds me in a way of Tim Burton, especially the wolves "claws". Excellent job!
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Looks good. I like the smoke and the general mist. Nice work with the wolves.
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