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The Temple of Bloom - Page 28

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It would be interesting to think that if a predator and the prey spoke a common language, what would their exchange be like? Pretty awkward, I suppose... Would've been nice to do something more cheerful for now, but this is how the story goes at this point. This was kind of ready yesterday already, but I had some problems installing fonts in GIMP.

Here's the textless version: sta.sh/01ku7nhebiag

...and here's how a part of it looked some days ago.

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ok tale you time .

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when do the next comic page will be reales , i wanna know what happens in the temple of bloon .

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I want to release the next one as soon as possible, but currently I'm busy with other things. So it's ready when it's ready.

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Oh ho ho Rarity, who has time to be smart when you've got firepower? ^^

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Shoulda called Dragon Lord Ember's posse before setting hoof in this 'hood, yo!
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Why you so scared Rarity? Can you pull a "Jafar" and turn him into a kitten?
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I'm not saying she's not able to, but maybe she was just too nervous to do it. But it's not a totally crazy headcanon that Opal is actually a white panther, who got shrunk down into a small cat :D (Big Grin) 
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We need to get the Brony Pope to canonize that Opal headcannon!
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The first rule of Jungle Club is that you don't talk about the rules of Jungle Club.
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That pretty much sums it :D (Big Grin) 
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Wow, finally!) A new part of this interesting comic book.
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Thanks for reading!
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Is that a subtle Joker reference?
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There are references, but not on Joker however - at least nothing specific.
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That was great, what a delightful conversation with the tiger.
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Yeah, I guess you could call it delightful, all things considered :hmm: 
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Hahaha! Those last few panels are priceless! XD
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:XD: Always delightful to see another page sir! :D
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Thank you very much!
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Heh, Trixie resting in one of the panels X3
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The Great and Slumber-ful Trixie
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