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The Temple of Bloom - Page 25

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On this page, we meet Vivace for the first time. In fact, that's pretty much the point of this page.

Here's the textless version: sta.sh/0evwhut7bvp
...and here's how it looked some week ago:
'The Temple of Bloom - Page 25' - WIP by XeviousGreenII

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*blows up the globe with an RPG* Aww, did I do that?! ;)

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I can imagine how it will be once it reaches its goal:

- Hello my love, how was your day?

- The same as always, executions for treason, increase in taxes and in general in pain for oppressing ponys so much.

- Poor thing, but I know how you will be happy, your favorite food while the people sing your anthem.

- Thank you dear, tomorrow I will give your name to a country.

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Now those are some life goals worth chasing!
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Not the same pony, as far as I know :D (Big Grin) 

But them being somehow related is always a possibility.
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Perhaps you discussed the same as I want to say, or maybe not, but personally I like the idea that CMC's were friends in a past life.
And I combine this idea with your plot. It counts as "same pony"? 
If you and Vedont talked about this.
Or were you talking about the similarity of these two ponies? The one from this page, and the one that is different, from the link in the comment?
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So the thing with the CMC being kidnapped was that the antagonist wants to trick the magic artifact into thinking its original masters have returned. But whether the similarities between the CMC and the original three ponies are coincidental, is left up for anyone to guess, which I think kind of fits this type of story.
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(I really need to visit this site more often. From computer)
Yes, I imagine something like this! :•)
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It's nice to see somepony finally taking the possible threat of changelings seriously.
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It's a handy thing to have, but to be fair it's supposedly very expensive and in a limited supply, so it wouldn't be practical for protecting an entire city, like Canterlot for example.
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And another day was made better by the issuing of a page of a comic I am enjoying very much :)
I'm looking forward to see how these likeable looking villains are going to unfold in the story.
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Okay, very glad to know that! I'd like to clarify that Vivace isn't meant to be exactly a villain, she just chooses to ignore evil things.
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I'm looking forward to get to know her better :)
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The ol' fake horn. They never see it coming.
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Well, at least it doesn't add any fake length.
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That's like a nice version of Mola Ram.
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A modern, smart villain acts evil only where it counts. Gotta have that good publicity.
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That was cute, nicely done here.
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Well for all the evil this guy might be, at least his spousal relationship is wholesome.
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That seems to be the case, for the most part.
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Why is it that Female Characters (be it canon or OC) have to be so amazing in their designs though?!!! X3
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I've always thought that the basic character model is so good and simple to use that you just can't go wrong with that.
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