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Some Kind of Madness

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- You want me to stick this WHERE!?

Wars are strange events in that even though almost nobody likes them, they just keep happening.

This is the first drawing where I used new paper I had recently bought, as the old was starting to run out and had gotten a bit yellow too already. It's a bit heavier than the old paper, but instead of being that much thicker, it just has higher density, which means that the surface is smoother. It takes some time getting used to, since it doesn't have the same kind of feel as the old, more grainy paper had, it feels more like plastic than paper.
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Oh, nice armoured ponies ^_^
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Thanks, very glad you like it :thumbsup:
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How he... close his visor? =D On the other hand, no easier for him to take his helmet off... poor unicorns ='(
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There's supposed to be some kind of mechanism that lets the visor extend forward and then lock back in its place when done. I guess the kind of spring-loaded type that a simple lamp switch would have, for example. But I agree that taking the helmet off looks like an impossible task! Well, at least if it's all one single piece that is.
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Sky hoplites. I love it. :-)
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Alright, thank you very much!
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Where is a progress?
You are talented, and need more digital draw
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I consider art a pastime hobby. Since I do my daily work on a computer, I'd like to think that doing my art traditionally offers some nice change, to move my thoughts away from work. But I also admit that I'm the kind of person who easily gets stuck on doing things in a certain way, if that's what I feel comfortable with.
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Some kind of Sparta?
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I'd say Some Kind of Mix of Various Historical Eras
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This is very impressive work you did there. through I wonder how you could lower your visor with your horn in the way? Still, as usual your inking and coloring is impeccable, keep it up. 
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It actually has a mechanism that kind of pops it forward and past the horn, and then lets it lock back in the "rear" position once ready. As you can see, there's an extra part (in darker grey) between the visor and the part that rotates. But another question is how you'd make it both strong and simple to use.
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*sways backwards and falls into a pit*
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Glad you think so!
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