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Absolutely Fabulous was one of those shows I was introduced to because my parents watched it too, even though many of the jokes just flew over my head when I was younger (considering what kind of jokes they were, that probably was for the better). Last summer I happened to catch some late-night reruns, and I thought to myself: "How cool would it be if you did this, but with Celestia and Luna in the place of Edina and Patsy". And so, here we are.

And yes, I accidentally drew Tia's cutie mark the wrong way around, generally I always tend to draw a cutie mark the wrong way if it's asymmetrical. Maybe I can somehow blame my left-handedness for that... I might consider this my holiday-themed drawing for this year, since even if this show wouldn't be otherwise on air, the Christmas special is always likely to show up on some channel.

So merry Christmas, Hearthswarming, etc. now already!

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Is Discord Che Guevara here ? : D
Awesome art~
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Both have their fans and haters - and those who maybe ironically hang a picture of them on their walls Wink/Razz
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I think it's slightly worrying that I immediately knew it was 'Absolutely Fabulous' by the look of the staircase! XD

It works far too well though the more I think about it. I kind of want to see Celestia attempting to eat with the tiny cutlery now :P
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When I started sketching this, one of the first things on my mind was: "Yeah, I remember the staircase, let's put that there". I feel Celestia would always have a cake or two just laying around in the fridge, which she then pretends to not eat :D (Big Grin)
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During their retirement, one day they'll find husbands should they get bored.
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I'm gonna guess Celestia already had several spouses throughout her life.
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1000 years when Luna was banished, it's a lot to her.
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I never watched Absolutely fabulous, but I find this picture really good.

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Thanks, I always try to not rely too much on references!
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Beautiful work, love the color palette <3
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Thank you very much!
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Thank you for the cute art <3
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The nutty part is I can see something like this as retirement sets in for the Sisters.....Minus the excess booze and drugs!

So who's Saffron in this situation?  Raven?  Twilight?
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Season 1 Twilight would be close I think, although maybe less so for the later episodes. Pinkie (or maybe Derpy) would obviously be Bubble, I mean this thing would just write itself...
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Very nicely done, this is definitely how I picture them in retirement.
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Thanks, I hope it kind of gives that vibe.
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Can see Discord turn there new life to this :D

Amazing work on the living room :)
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You mean the painting?
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Nah, turn there life into a comedy show :D
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This is very nice! Merry Christmas to you, too! :)

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