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Poker Butt (C)

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Another comic I did together with Rated-R-PonyStar . This was a bit different from the usual comic, since there's not too much dialogue - so a nice amount of room for drawing stuff, despite being half of the usual size.

Here's a textless version: sta.sh/03icnjwclhy
...and here are some work-in-progress pictures:
PokerButt Sketch by XeviousGreenII Poker Butt Inks by XeviousGreenII

My Little Pony © Hasbro
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Yona and Sandbar in the background

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Lol, lots of tail wagging. :XD:

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That made me chuckle ^^
Pony4Koma's avatar

It's like she got radar or something...

XeviousGreenII's avatar

I mean, have you ever tried hitting a fly? It's like they can see everything!

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hehe,I really love it. X3 Oh by the way, I already finish big comic chapter 2

XeviousGreenII's avatar

Thanks and cograts then!

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Swiggity swooty work on that poker booty!

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I don't play poker so I don't really understand the joke. ^^"

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In poker, if you think you're winning, you've got to make others think you're losing by keeping a straight face. But this time for her friends, it was something else that didn't stay so straight.

Explaining a joke is a futile act, but I hope you understood the comic!

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It'd be funnier if Ocellus's last line was simply "No reason at all" or something like that because right now, Ocellus's line is basically telling the joke we've just seen. Pointless.

Nightcolt-ca's avatar

We see it, Ocellus' poker buddies don't. Simply take it as her giving her friends a pointer to make it a fairer game.

XeviousGreenII's avatar

Also true, it could be seen as a bit out-of-character for Ocellus to keep it to herself.

XeviousGreenII's avatar

Well, I just followed the orders, as they often say!

But you're right, it's kind of over-explained when you think about it.

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I smell Calvin and Hobbes...

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Them tells are SO obvious... XD XD

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That really does look surprisingly similar!

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First time seeing your comics, and I'm very impressed with the art.

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Thanks, you certainly picked one of the better-looking ones of what I've made :)

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Ocellus, looking at your opponents tails is not allowed!

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