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NATG Day 4: Nightmare on Yum Street

Location  Equestria (MLP)
This time the topic was: "Draw a passed out pony / Draw a pony chasing their dreams". Is Celestia having a nightmare about Luna eating her cake, or did Luna enter her dream to screw with her? You decide!

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Luna's job surely isnt boring

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A literal dream job.

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Celestia: Luna stop it...

Luna: You have no power here Sister!

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There's no wrong way to fantasize. Or dream. Words bit her back.
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Since those words were uttered, there have been no rules or responsibility in the dream realm - only total anarchy.

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Thanks, if you can call it that!

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Well this her worse ^^'
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Princess Luna: "Sis, you can't cheat on your diet, even when you are in your dream."

Princess Luna takes a bite.

Princess Luna: "Mmm, tasty. So you really like Angel Fruit Cake huh? But you can't have any until another 12 moons"

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It makes sense that since she doesn't have to move the sun around anymore (which likely requires a lot of energy), she really has to slim down her diet.

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Well at least no real harm done in a dream. I pity the royal chefs tasked with doing nothing but making cakes XD
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Yeah, that must get boring after a while. Maybe there's some kind of rotation of jobs like in some factories.

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"Madame secretary, there seems to be a mistake in the procurement order. There seems to be an extra zero on all entries in the category 'cake'".

"Hm? Ah, miss Sunshine, was it? This is something you'll have to get used to in your new posting as part of the Royal Secretariat, I'm afraid, all those zeroes are intended and are accurate for our current rate of consumption."

"The secretariat consumes 5 cakes per pony a week?"

"No, the secretariat spends a hundred thirty cakes a week in supporting the Royal Majesty. It's one of our most crucial duties. You'll see."

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Trolluna, now that's rare. :)

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Sometimes this way around!

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