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NATG Day 30: School's Out for Summer

Location  Equestria (MLP)
The final prompt was: "Draw a pony graduating / Draw a pony celebration". Being in this first time, I actually thought it would've ended on the last makeup day, but there was one more - not quite sure if should've felt delighted or frustrated! I decided to make something that would maybe kind of describe this mood and I took inspiration from the "Ticket Song" scene from S1's The Ticket Master episode.

Overall, the Artist Training Grounds has been a nice experience. You draw something everyday, but when it's something different, it doesn't feel monotonous. I think I've definitely learned to draw ponies faster and with more confidence.

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Heheheheheheheheheheheheheh! The look on Twilight's face and the palpable sense that she's up in the air are awesome! The oh-so Pinkie-styled celebration for something as formal as graduating is also great (especially since school being out isn't something Twilight would consider celebratory).

That's Surprise celebrating with Pinkie, right? If so, that's a nice touch as well.