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NATG Day 28: It Still Keeps Happening

Location  Equestria (MLP)
For today, the prompt was: "Redrawing an older picture using what you’ve learned / Drawing a pony learning from a mistake". Well, in Lyra's defence, you're going to have tough times ahead if you decide to skate down a bumpy brick road - no matter what.

For this, I decided to redraw this old drawing from way back. But generally, it's not a proper redraw, since the old one is done in full colour, while this one isn't. I also spent several days drawing the old version, so while the basic style and technique are now much better, the old one has arguably some more thoughtful details. But at least Lyra didn't forget her helmet this time!

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If Lyra's eccentric then Bon Bon's electric?
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All in all, ponies sure are an eclectic bunch.

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Come to think of it, wouldn't it be easier to skate if you had front legs to balance with?

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Well, the skates Bon Bon is holding are ones Lyra was supposed to put on too. I'm not sure how a pony would skate on all fours, but I'm certain it's better than on hind legs, which is not a natural position for them.

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She can do it I believe in her ^^
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I think all we can is believe at this point...

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Lyra's going to need to see Nurse Redheart after this :D

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Yeah, that hill looks a bit terrifying...

Hordaks-Pupil's avatar

Bon Bon must have a lot of patience :D

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