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NATG Day 23: Biggest Fan

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Tonight's topic was: "Draw ponies experiencing your perfect idea for an episode / Draw a pony with a brilliant idea". In these hot days, anything that gets the air moving is good, I guess. The inspiration for this is a bit obscure one maybe, the idea is pretty much the same as in this old advert for Maxell cassettes. I think I saw it a long time ago in some article that listed famous ads or something.

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Great in a hot day.

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What better than music and breezy air at the same time!

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Even after 500 bass drops Vinyl's high-fidelity still delivers...high fidelity.

Pon-3. She's worth it.

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She's definitely one high-fidelity pony.

MTv 1981-89 used the Maxell Ad with, "Turn on, Tune in, and Rip the nob off!" insted of a speaker, it was a Tv.

was taken from the album by Timothy Leary...

Turn on, Tune in, and Drop out.

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Alright, that's some interestin' trivia :thumbsup:

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Maxell is very proud of this...

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Well, that's fine I guess :D But I remember when I bought some empty CD's back in the day - the discs were okay, but the cases just fall into pieces after a couple of years!

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I hope Tavi is wearing ear protection. Sitting that close to Vinyl's speakers could make your eardrums explode.

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Yeah, not the ideal distance, but that's all the paper I had so no can do Shrug emoji

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classic commercial

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All we need now is a 6L V12 engine on the chair.

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Well, if you cut Vinyl out of the picture and put wheels on the chair, it would look like it!

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Today musical winds, tomorrow sound blaster.
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A heat wave is often followed by a storm...

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Vinil: How's the volume!?

Octavia: Pull up 10 levels more!!!!!!

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I think there's a later version where the guy just flies backwards!

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I've seen lots of fan recreations of said advert using those two, but it still hasn't gotten old. :D

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Oh my God I remember those! I instantly recognized it
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