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NATG Day 2: Spring Time

Model  Pinkie PieLocation  Equestria (MLP)
The second topic was "Draw a mobile pony/Draw a pony springing to life". Being awake is sometimes called being in the land of the living, so I suppose waking up counts as "springing to life". If not, then we could assume she was in coma...

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Thanks, this was definitely one of my favourite prompts so far.

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Odd way to wake up. Must be Discord.
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Maybe. But Pinkie's pretty high on the crazy-scale too.

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Now I've got "Pop Goes the Weasel" stuck in my head.

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I offer my condolences

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Rise and shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine ^^
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Looks like some rise in a bit different way than others =P

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Pinkie's alarm clock being a 'pony in the box' actually makes some sense.

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Thanks! Just to clarify, it's Pinkie herself who sleeps in the box. Probably should've made the clock more blurry, so you'd better get the feel of distance.

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Such beautiful linework! :) Kudos, and greetings fellow runner on the ATG 2020!

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Thank you! It's interesting to see what others come up with and your pencilwork certainly looks pretty great too :clap:

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Thanks, you're too kind ;P

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