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NATG Day 16: Hell Is Other Discords



Today's prompt was: "Draw a pony back from the future / Draw a pony traveling through time". This was a tough one. Up until when I began sketching, I had no idea what to do - the idea here is basically that since travelling through time and space must be such an ordinary thing for Discord, for him it must feel what everyday travel feels for us. I spent a big part the day on the road and the temperature has been just as tropical as it has been all this week, so I let this one be sloppier than usual. The pictures for the coming weekend will probably be quick too.

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I immediately thought that there are two “planes” flying in different directions, only one flight to each.

And in the end, Discord can go on a "flight into the past" and meet a very distant version of himself as the future, flying from an even farther future into an already close past. They can communicate or not communicate with each other, just like in a bus. This is a routine.