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NATG Day 10: Against All Odds

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This time around the topic was: "Draw a pony defying impossible odds / Draw a pony finding their inner courage". Wasn't too inspired with this one, maybe because I thought this was the makeup day, but turned out it was "the day after 10th", i.e. tomorrow.

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Does I smell a Phil Collins reference? Pervy Phil Collins Emote #7

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You're not wrong...

They really do have gifs for everything around here!

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Bum bum bum badum bum bum bum bum bum babum bum...

And Fluttershy is so cute.

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Thank you very much!

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That was cute, I did really like that episode with Fluttershy.

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Thanks, glad you like!

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BGM: "Trololololo"

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Fluttershy is definitely no stranger to trolling.

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Go fluttershy ^^
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Thanks for your comment!

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There's music in the treetops, there's music in the vale, and all around the music fills the skies!

That episode was one of the best! This is a beautiful rendition of that memorable last moment. "Baby steps" she says, but oh so far she has come! Thank you for drawing this :)

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Clearly I'm biased, but I too thought this was one of the best episodes. I loved how uninhibited she was when singing to her critters in the beginning. I loved how she was pushed beyond her comfort zone at Zecora's place. I loved how she'd forget her fears for a moment before catching herself, like when singing at the schoolhouse. And of course, I loved that she was able to push aside her fears long enough to do something she wanted to do so much.

But, The Perfect Pear is still the all time top episode in my opinion. 😉

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Perfect Pear was really good in my opinion too! I would not call that my favourite, as I consider Amending Fences to be more in my liking, but still the Perfect Pear is one of the greatest episodes and I love it a lot.

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Remember this episode) Nice work!

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Thanks! One of the more memorable episodes definitely.

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