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Meet the New Boss

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Over the holidays I wanted to make another picture with the same theme as this one. And as often with sequels, there's a bit more of everything. The basic idea was that an obstacle course in MLP would obviously be inspired by equestrian sports.

For context, this isn't exactly a military exercise, but rather a part of in series of tests (or maybe training) which willing adventurers must pass if they wish to receive quests from Equestria's administrative branches. After all, you can't just send any noob on a journey if you can't know for sure what awaits them...

I wasn't really sure whether to add the sword there, since somehow it doesn't seem to be fitting into that spot very well - let's just say that Flash Magnus insisted him to put it on.

Here's how just the outlines looked, although I did some small additions/corrections because I just can't help myself:
'Meet the New Boss' - Inks by XeviousGreenII

My Little Pony © Hasbro
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So pretty! Good job! :D

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Wow, thank you very much!

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Impressive work once again, I am sure Flash Magnus will will whip you into shape as a proper royal guard in no time.

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Thanks - that's an optimistic take :D (Big Grin) 
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Great work on Flash Magnus and the Armor too and also the art style too. 👍

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Okay, happy you like all that :) (Smile)
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I don't see any way the unicorn could lower his visor. Other than that, I like the whole concept.
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Thanks! The visor can be extended outwards so that it can be moved past the horn, although I imagine it would be used sparingly due to its limitations.
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The Equestrian Army 
Be the best! or they will kill you...
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Now how motivating is that :D (Big Grin)
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Making men out of you.
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Somepony call Lyra then, she can't miss this!
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Flash Magnus: "Watch your flanks! Maintain situational awareness - one lapse of attention and some-pony would put an arrow in your knee! Gallop faster - you don't have time for a leisurely stroll when you're in the thick of combat! Bring that spear up and keep your shield close! You're here to train, not show off - !"

Shining Armour [Thinking] 'And I thought I was being hard on my troops. By my wife's name, if this is him going 'easy' on them like Rockhoof said, what happens if he goes 'hard'...?!'
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Got to agree that the shield is arriving way too late to the party here. Speaking of which, I guess Flash is from times when ponies were said to be made of steel and shields were made of wood, or something like that.
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Very cool, this looks amazing, nicely done.
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Great job I really love the drawing and cell shading ^^
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Alright, glad you like!
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Oh, it's your adorable guard ponies again ^_^ Nicely done
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Thank you very much!
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Dynamic work, nice done!
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Thanks! Can never have too much practice in drawing motion.
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