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I Blame You for the Moonlit Nights

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- Ahhahhah! Now how's this for a Divine Comedy... can you see what we could do with this crystal ball?
- What I'm not seeing is this evil overlord thing working out for you - in more than one way.

This is my entry to EStories' Evil Doers contest. Initially I just thought about doing some kind of sketch, but I got carried away with this so I ended up doing the whole thing.

I thought about the name I once gave to my first OC (the guy on the foreground). Diskette Drives isn't a bad name, but I've thought about giving a name that fits better in the show's setting. Therefore, his name shall now be Gingermint, which surprisingly doesn't seem to have been used by any other character - unlike pretty much any other mint-related name. But the old name could remain as an alternative name.

Here's what the outlines looked like:
'I Blame You for the Moonlit Nights' - Inks by XeviousGreenII

My Little Pony © Hasbro
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This is really impressive work you do there, keep up the good work as you always do.

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Alright thanks, same to you!
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What did you use to color this? It looks so smooth. Promarkers? 
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Thanks and you guessed right, it's mostly Promarkers. Some of the lighter parts were done with just pencils and some parts are a combination of both.
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