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Fake It Till You Can't Take It (Commission)

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This comic was commissioned and written by a person who goes by the name of Zunen. It's nice to get to do a different kind of comic for a change. At the moment I don't do regular commissions and so this was more of a special kind of thing.

Here's what the original sketch looked like:
...and here's a textless version in case someone wants to translate it: sta.sh/01woslcwi8a8
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I see MoonDancer in the 4th panel =3
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I see twilight's parebts tgere too

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Wow, this comic made me genuinely laugh! Good job.

Who knew fart jokes could be so funny?
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Luna and Celestia comics are the best of all MLP comics.  And this is a great one.  More!  More!
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That was hilarious!
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and all she had to do is say "here is my sister's organ donor card"
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True! So I guess they don't have those in Equestria? Either that, or Celestia wouldn't approve...only because she didn't think of it first. :P
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My goodness Celestia do you have any form of decency left!? :XD: :XD:
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How much has she had to drink?! :o (Eek)
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I would imagine that being more or less immortal also gives a good tolerance for alcohol and other such substances.
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Trollestia strikes again and she strikes HARD
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That does sound like the two of them.
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Ok... THAT'S TO MUCH CELESTIA! Time to tie you up and made all the civilians eat cake in front of you... WITHOUT GIVING YOU ANY!
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At least She was successful at that one! You have no idea what she had planned next year!
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Does these ponies get a clue that Luna is faking her death?
I would get suspicious.
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especially if your nobel enough to be invited to all these funerals and get to do these ridiculous things with her ''corpse''.
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She's an immortal physical goddess, with power to move celestial objects and orchestrate the stars themselves. You think frequent Resurrection is too much of a stretch
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Yep. Frequent resurrection would arouse suspicion especially if the news got the wind of it.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s hilarious that Luna can’t fake her death anymore because of just one thing that Celestia had to do.
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