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Cover for a Non-existent Video Game

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This drawing is my answer to the question: "What if Spike was a main character in a late-90's platformer game?". The style of the title is obviously a reference to Spyro, but to be honest, if there's a classic character from that time that most reminds me of Spike, it'd be Croc. The episode A Dog and a Pony Show from the first season has always remained well in my mind because it was one of the first episodes I happened to see online with the original voices back in the day.

I also decided to try out on how this would look on a PlayStation box: (I picked the NTSC one because it fits better)
SpikePS1Cover by XeviousGreenII
Here's also a sketch from a while ago:
'Cover for a Non-existent Video Game' - Sketch by XeviousGreenII

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🤬 spike Imposter
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Wish it was a real one
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I really need to get the PS4 Spyro game
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Yeah, I'd say it's a good buy for such price.
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Wow, this is so awesome!!! I absolutely love the style, and if this were real I'd totally get it! Great job! :)
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Okay, thank you very much!
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reminds me of Spyro the dragon :D
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Yeah I could see that Meow :3  
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Well, from the aesthetic standpoint and the fondness for gems, it's impossible to not notice the similarities between Spike and Spyro. Even the names, they're like long lost brothers.

This actually reminded me of an MLP fan game also based on A Dog and a Pony Show I played a while back. Granted, that was more of a  monochrome NES action platformer. It was mostly taking from Legacy of The Wizard in terms of the music and general gameplay mechanics. That's why it's called Legacy of The Pony, but it also took something from Mario and Metroid.

I actually kinda forgot about that game but thanks to this picture, I had to look back and get it. Sure, I'd love a Playstation mascot platformer but I do love me some NES action.
Mario 8-bit emoticon 
So thanks for reminding me of that.
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Spike seems to be a popular choice for game makers, since I remember a game called Spike's Day Off, which is also a bit retro-themed sidescroller. Spike and Spyro certainly seem like they could be related, although what could make a meeting between them awkward is that in Spyro 3, there is a boss who's also called Spike...
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I never checked that game. I guess I'll have to look it up. I would love to add more fan-games to my collection. Well, it's not really a collection, there have been only 2 MLP fan games which I enjoyed, Ponyvania and Legacy of the Pony.

I haven't played all the Spyro games, so I didn't know. I no longer own a console but I am actually looking to buy it on Steam and finally experience the whole series myself. The Spyro Reignited Trilogy is finally coming to PC in September. The only question is, can my budget old laptop run the thing ...
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I'd love to play this game!
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Glad you think so
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Thank you very much!
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Cool, I like that idea.

Though personally think it would be better if Owlowiscious was replaced with Peewee.
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I agree that Peewee would make a very cool sidekick!
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That was good, nicely done.
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